The Difference Between The Liberal Narrative And Reality Illustrated.

Who among us hasn’t noticed the bullshit narrative you see everywhere nowadays where everything you see almost everywhere you look has this “inclusiveness” propaganda slant to it?

Almost all print and television advertisement has it and it has been around in the work place for a long time now.

Here is one example.

This is what they are forcing down everyone’s throat as the ideal situation,

forced narrative

You will see this everywhere you turn, gotta have a female and a “person of color”.

Their terminology, not mine.

What do I see everywhere I look in reality”



Look closely and count how many women and minorities you see in that picture. It is a random picture of construction workers I snagged off the internet.

It’s everywhere, every fucking television commercial. print ad and even in the movies.

Increasingly often, in advertisements seen daily by millions of people in this country, you will see Bi-Racial couples being crammed down the consumers gullet by these same advertising agencies as if this is somehow the new normal.

I’m not seeing this being backed up in reality either.

Bi-Racial couples are still a pretty rare thing where I live.

They are trying to marginalize and disappear White Guys at every turn.

It’s plainly obvious to guys like me who are old enough to see what they are doing and were around before this attempted paradigm shift.

It’s the new normal for much  younger people who don’t have the benefit of knowing what was versus what is now.

The message is pretty clear to me, they want us gone.

I’m not so sure they are really able to grasp the fact that what they are wanting to replace us with doesn’t have the inherent traits to carry on with the level of civilization that is the current status quo.

As such, all I can see in their future is a declining style of life as nature takes care of the bell curve here.

What they fail to understand is that even though White People are not the majority population around the world, their utopia needs them to be here to maintain it after all.

This is the fucking reality people,


There is a reason we see millions of illegal refugees desperately trying to GET AWAY from the civilizations they have been trying to maintain FOR CENTURIES and get their asses to White People Countries.


Which they IMMEDIATELY start tearing down and turning into the exact same shit holes they just came from.

The examples of which are too numerous to bother illustrating, just ask a resident of Paris France if you don’t think it’s real.

So in the long run, I see the continued forced integration to be pushed hard by the Globalists.

I also see a huge back lash to that agenda coming.

It may not happen in my lifetime but history shows that there is a natural equilibrium between the races that is currently being fucked with and nature will deal with that imbalance in the course of time.

More than likely in natures usual way of doing things, very violently.

26 thoughts on “The Difference Between The Liberal Narrative And Reality Illustrated.

  1. I have this exact same conversation that you posted about with my inner circles. ( I keep it on the down low because I’m not ready for the re-education camps yet) Many of us see it. Many more don’t.

    What I’m also hearing from my friends is the statement “ I fucking hate people”. It’s funny, I’ll say that and then someone will say “I know! Me too”. Like earlier today I was talking to a friend and he said he hears it from his contacts. He travels for business so it’s not local.


  2. I’m really not worried about it. My experience has been different from yours. Of course, I’m on the other side of the freaking country so there is that. I’m surprised that even here in northern NH I know a lot of bi-racial couples. Most of them are professionals like doctors and office administrators. Also know a lot of women in the trades. Go figure. As a white male I don’t feel threatened at all. I’m not that easy to frighten.

    That’s not to say your experience is wrong. One thing I’ve learned from traveling the country is how local conditions can vary.


    • i am up against the east side of the rocky mountains in co. my experience has been about the same as yours in the employment and couples areas. live and let live. after sixty eight years, not much surprises let alone scares me that i had not seen before and i have had a wide range of experiences world wide. i have been to those shit holes everyone speaks of; even some pretty nice crappers that had a roll of paper-so to speak.
      But always, there has been to desire to be at HOME. and many were jealous that that was an option for me and not them…


    • You wrote, “I’m really not worried about it.”

      You meant, “I have no idea about the depth of hate others have for white folks and I prefer to remain ignorant”

      FIFY-you’re welcome


  3. V,C. says: I’m not so sure they are really able to grasp the fact that what they are wanting to replace us with doesn’t have the inherent traits to carry on with the level of civilization that is the current status quo.

    You’re almost there Phil. The true powers that be do indeed want us, the heirs of Western Civilization, gone.

    They know the less intelligent, less scientific, less naturally organizing masses cannot maintain any semblance of widespread culture/civilization.

    We are the only ones who could organize an effective counter to their plans to reduce humanity to an easily controlled slavery.

    Unfortunately most of us are effectively distracted by the old “bread and games” ruse. I’ll add “trinkets” to that.

    They want us dead and gone. Not replaced. The swarthy hoards will be easy game for the slaughter afterwards.


  4. Its not rocket science its what must be done in no uncertain terms
    Sink the fucking boats
    Build the fucking wall
    They all go back

    And while we are here:


  5. To an advertising executive or a corporate CEO, the Ideal American FamilyTM is an Hispanic male, a light-skinned black female and three Asian children, all of whom have bi-racial grandparents, with everyone living in brightly colored splendor in vibrant urban neighborhoods where there’s a brand new car in every driveway.


  6. 40+ years in the mechanical trades and the only time I ever saw women in hard
    hard hats, they were safety, fire, or hole watches. The one exception was a
    female Millwright who could hold her own with the boys.


  7. we’ve been talking about this in our family for years Phil. I think a lot more people than we realize see it too, because I’ve talked to people outside my family that see it for exactly what it is; bs


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  9. I worked in a steel foundry for over 35 years. Once, the head honchos decided to hire women, to make for a more “diverse” work force. The first woman there worked for 4 hours and dropped a 150 pound pipe on her leg, breaking it. That was the last woman they ever had working on the shop floor that I know of.
    I have also remarked to my wife, how just about every single damn commercial on television has an interracial couple with a black kid. I know that there are many couples like that, but not that many as to cause the advertisers to cater to that segment of society.
    By the way, I worked with many black men during my time in the foundry, and was close friends with several of them. And my dad did the same thing in his many decades of working in a gray iron foundry. It was quite normal for black families to stop over to the house on the weekends, heading to their extended families further north of us. I played with their kids outside, while the adults talked inside. So I grew up with including blacks as friends.

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    • I worked with and for blacks and coon asses when I was crewing PSV, they were dubious about me at first, me being from the NW, but once they understood I gave not a shit for their skin color and I was there to work we got along fabulous.


      • My dad had a black friend, who actually was the uncle of James Earl Jones, and this friend called other black men N…….! He was old school, and had no use for lazy, unionized men who used the union to keep their jobs when they were just plain lazy. My dad’s friend’s name, by the way, was Tom. So James Earl Jones could call him Uncle Tom. Tom lived in Dublin, Michigan. He worked in Muskegon, Michigan, a distance of about 2 hours drive. He had an apartment in Muskegon, and went home on the weekends. And you never would have met a more decent and honorable man, no matter what color.


  10. The other side of this diversity shit is that if you’re a white guy, don’t bother to apply to a major corporation. If there’s a white dude and a chick (especially if she’s black or Latina) applying for the same job, the woman always gets it. Notice I didn’t say she had “equal qualifications”. A white guy has to be much better on paper than a minority to get the job.

    Boeing is a major corporation. Right now, there’s a lot of older, white, male engineers keeping things in line. In another 10 or 20 years, you might want to notice what happens to airline safety. Airbus is on the same path, and may be ahead of Boeing.


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