Do Not Show These To Your Wifely Unit

My old lady is constantly bitching about me tracking shit in because this place has hardwood floors.

I even paid four hundred fucking dollars for one of the ZOOMBA fucking things a couple of years ago. Of course, it just sits in the corner now, slowly obsolescing in silence.

These she would make me wear in a fucking heart beat if she could get her hands on some of the fuckers. So would yours I bet.

Nuh, Uh.

The first thing I would do would be to take a stroll out in the garage and fuck them all up.


I can see where these would have usefulness in some places, just not on my damn feet at home.


5 thoughts on “Do Not Show These To Your Wifely Unit

  1. Ok, warning, woman’s perspective. I LOVE hardwood. Easy solution is just take off your shoes when you come in…I know what you are going to say, so I will just respond by saying the street is filthy….just take off your shoes:-)


  2. They look gay anyway, I ain’t taking my shoes off to go into your house. I’ll stay outside or go home… Dirty? Clean your damn house, that is what wimmins are for.


  3. Oh my, snarky much. My house is clean. And babies and children can roll around on the floor without worrying who tracked what through. I LOVE a clean house and that is why we take off our shoes.


  4. I have not worn shoes inside my home in over thirty years, What is so hard about shucking your shoes or boots? Rug inside the front door and a mud/drip tray. You are not sleeping with your shoes on.


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