3 thoughts on “A Glimpse Into The Future Right There.

  1. The skinny face is the real deal, currently. Along with her fat face, everything else has also been fattened. The jacket/vest is puffy, hair, the boost strap, the zipper teeth, etc. Interesting software, I’m guessing. That used to be done with funhouse mirrors and expensive lenses.

    I’ve known people in real life that have slimmed down like that. Getting rid of the body wrinkles takes the longest to accomplish. Really sad when they go the fat direction. 85lbs to 200+ is stunning, and not in a good way.


  2. It’s a selfie video from a low, looking down angle to a high, looking up angle with the head as the center point of the arcing shot.
    No funny software is altering the shot.
    That’s what she is going to look like in twenty years!


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