I Need A Bigger Like Button (Updated With Proper Attribution)


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I don’t want to divide up the country. I don’t want to occupy New York City or San Francisco. I just want to take the minority of outraged Communist and build a monument to freedom with their skulls.
The Democrat Party is willing to burn America down in order to steal it,
and they are now the open enemy of the state and the people, and they’re going to get their reply ballistically, not rhetorically. Once you’re kissed in the forehead that way, there is no further reply. Nature is brilliantly subtle like that.
Nothing less will suffice any longer. I’m not telling anybody to open that party, but I’m telling you that party’s getting opened, and once the genie’s out of the bottle, all bets about how long, how widespread,
and how bloody are rampant speculation based more on hope than reality.
We had a country.
One side has consistently refused to live under the rules of that country.
They are about to reap the consequences of that course of action, in a Darwin Award-winning manner,
and it’s liable to be the Third Punic War for them, their families, and anyone carrying water for them.
But the match and the fuse are about to have a fateful meeting.@12Tld@WRSABlog @NC_Renegade @dcodrea @Zero_Gov
You really should go read or re read this whole post.
You need more ammo.
Bad shit is coming.
OK, I fucked up.
When I copy pasted the above , I mistakenly cut off the very bottom of it with the attributions and didn’t even notice it.
Aesop from The Raconteur Report showed up here quite justifiably pissed off because he was the originator and provided a link. I went back to the Reader Thread where I originally got the quote and bigger than shit, there it was. I have since added the missing parts, provided the link to Aesop’s original post and would now like to proceed to eating my plate of Crow.
Right after I apologize to Aesop very publicly.
Sorry about that my man.
I should have been paying closer attention to what I was doing.
It is a classic bit of writing.

9 thoughts on “I Need A Bigger Like Button (Updated With Proper Attribution)

  1. You live in the Northwest like I do, crow isn’t on the menu, it’s seagull, but you can have all the hot sauce or ketchup you want. 😉 chuckling


  2. You did right sir, a honest mistake.
    Something that doesn’t excist anymore, evidently.
    This event could have been handled quietly, with tact. If your response was less than proper, then public it could go.
    Dudes high strung and Thinks quite abit of himself. Reminds me of Snafu.


  3. If you saw an attribution, great.
    I looked at the Tweet-stream.

    I know NCRenegade gave a link back to me in November on his site when he first posted it, but the tweets looked to me like they were being passed off as originals. But I’m not on the Twit-stream, so my Twitter-fu may be weak.

    Just something about a couple of phrases sounded really familiar somehow .

    No harm, no foul either place, or you or Wes.
    It’s not like I’m getting paid for what I post. (I wish.)
    I just didn’t like the idea of someone putting my stuff out as theirs.

    I’ve taken great lines from other people a time or two, and made a meme out of them, but I always give a hat tip and a link.
    Just manners.

    Anyways, thanks for fixing it here, and don’t fret.
    No offense meant, none taken.
    I’ve seen your pics of your garage shop; you’ve got more important things to worry about.

    I was also cheesed off because I was trying to figure out where else on the 57 sites Irish links to daily I saw that same stuff, and I couldn’t find it.
    I blame senility.


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