I Never Understood This


I started losing my hair in my twenties. Slowly at first but there was no denying it.

My Mom’s Dad and brother were both bald before they even hit twenty so I felt pretty good about it.

It is what it is.

I quit giving a fuck about it long, long ago.

That comb over shit gives me the creeps.


6 thoughts on “I Never Understood This

  1. That’s more of a scalp protector, no way that’s a comb-over. May even be like one of those hats that has the fake hair attached to it. I had an uncle that was bald, the only one in the family, everybody else has full heads of hair, I could never figure it out.


  2. I would shave my head first. I have had a full head of gray hair since my mid 40’s. I renewed my drivers license last November when I turned 57 and the examiner changed my hair color from brown to gray.


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