Some Things Are Worth Fighting For

poke chop

As long as I live, I will never forget the time that my dear departed Grandmother made one of her daily feasts and we had Pork Chops for Supper. I was probably about ten years old. I have an Uncle, her boy, who is four years older than I am and was always bigger and meaner than I was. Fucked with us young un’s constantly.

My Grandmother had a saying,

” If you are bashful around here, you are going to be hungry”  That was to let you know to eat up, she was old school and fed us like kings.

We got almost done with supper and there was one pork chop left on the serving plate. I saw my uncle eyeballing that fucker but I wanted it too. I whipped my hand out to grab that pork chop at the same time he dove in with his fork to stab it.

I got to it first, he stuck that fork directly into the back of my hand.

That was an especially delicious pork chop and I made sure to eat it slowly, right in front of him.

There ain’t nothing better than a pan fried pork chop, cooked until it is almost crispy.

I love them fuckers.

8 thoughts on “Some Things Are Worth Fighting For

  1. Agree about the pan fried pork chops. Mmmmmm. I was the youngest of five. Saturday night was hamburger night. My older brother could eat two before I got the ketchup and mustard on my first one. He’s a vegetarian now so I guess, ultimately, I won. Heh.


  2. A good chop is a good chop. Getting some blood sauce on it, licking and chomping and chewing slowly as you eye your cousin up and down; now that is another level.


  3. Yup, a pork chop sandwich is a mighty tasty meal. My tastes are simple – meat and cheese between two slices of bread and I’m good to go. My only complaint is that the meat can get itself fixed between your teeth really well – takes some time to ‘toothpick it’ out.


    • I’ll see your Georgia Peach Fried Chicken and raise you a Roanoke Southern Bell (Mom actually went to Finishing School!) Fried Chicken any day!
      The Colonel had nuttin on her!! She taught it to my wife, and… I’m as fat as a fiddle… bass fiddle, that is.


  4. Grandma was a good cook and my mother was a 8th grade history teacher that used a smoke as a timer. I’m number two of five and my grandfather said, “He’ll sit there at my house and eat until his turds push him off the chair!” Loved Grandmas cooking. “Better finish all that up cus I’l have to feed it to the dog if you don’t eat it” I’m a long time reader over from WC’s place.


  5. We have a saying in our family: “It is the survival of the fastest.” You don’t get you’re food fast, you starve. Although, being Jewish, we didn’t go much for the pork chops. Now brisket, or stuffed cabbage…that’s making my mouth water right now!


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