That Reminds Me


I forgot to take any Ibuprofen yesterday.

No wonder my lower back is hurting like a sonofabitch.

I didn’t even do anything to make it hurt yesterday, it just does.

For the last 39 fucking years now.

3 thoughts on “That Reminds Me

  1. Vitamin I. Can’t live without it some days.

    Some days all I want to do is crawl into the hot water heater and soak my joints for 12 hours or so.

    Know how you feel.


  2. If I had known back when I was 16 or so how sore and constant ache and body cricks now at 60 years old, I would have chased more slutty women, drank more cheap booze, drove fast ass cars faster and died leaving a much better, hotter looking corpse…


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