Fetch My Drool Cup Honey

Oh my goodness.



I had no idea Atlas made these little beauties back in the day.

Holy shit they are awesome looking little units.

My wish list just got a major shuffling.

14 thoughts on “Fetch My Drool Cup Honey

  1. Picture is a bit hard to discern but it looks like a rotary mill with x – y motion capability? Cutting tool can go in and out and the table can go side to side? When I was in the rail industry we had a surface milling machine to make mounting surfaces flat on irregular shaped gizmos. Mounted a whole batch on the table and let it run, also x- y only, with z axis manually set. go up a thou or two until casting irregularities disappeared and you were good to go.


      • Those shapers are awesome. Lot of beautiful gun work was accomplished with shaping. Cool thing about shaping is what you can do with tooling. Basically shape high speed steel tool blanks into intricate shapes to produced machined elements with beauty and natural ogives not possible till “fake” 5 axis CNC came along, even then its not quite as artistic. Shaping is a lot more efficient in its use of billet material too. Also jigging and fixtures are easily fabricated to hold small or complex parts without resorting to the techniques required with CNC.
        The horizontal mill too, lot of operations can be done efficiently. Though you can still get vertical mill attachments to make your Bridgeport run horizontal milling.
        Sure its old school, but its industrial art too. CNC good though it is, it occludes so many techniques and styles of metal working we will end up losing forever if the machines and tooling doesn’t see a renisuance.
        Shapers are a great find, because if the basic machine functions, you can make all your tooling and fixturing without spending lots of money. For a one man shop, its a great investment. Only limited by your imagination and spacial mind sense in how to produce small parts of exquisite features.
        Ever wonder how older steel weapons receivers, bolts gas blocks triggers and trigger guards etc are produced, a shaper and H mill probably was used.


    • That green monster is a planer. Shapers move the tool, planers move the work. I’m right there with you. If I had room, there would be much more stuff to use. There is a 24 inch shaper sitting in the weather, about 7 miles down the road. Owned by a major oil field company. They won’t release it from their inventory, so it just sits and rots. Bastiges.



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