Remember These?


Raise your hand if you’ve ever owned one, I found the hammer a while back in one of my junk drawers.

Couldn’t tell you what ever happened to all the screwdrivers though, my best guesstimate is that I’ve had that thing floating around about thirty some years.

I also don’t remember any of them having a Philips head on them either.

Apparently they still sell them judging by the condition of that one.

8 thoughts on “Remember These?

  1. I see these occasionally at yard or estate sales. Seldom have all the parts, but some do. The teeny tiny last driver works for screws in the hinges of glasses. Pretty small.

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  2. Didn’t everyone of a certain generation have one of those at some point in time? I know I had a couple. Wonder whatever the heck happened to them? Too many moves in my youth, I guess.


    • You couldn’t even buy the Brass that cheap in this country FFS.
      Thanks for the research Aesop, I may have to get me another one just for shits and grins.


  3. I saw one yesterday at Wal-Mart, but it didn’t appear to be a brass body or hammer. It was silver colored. About $8 and it was in stock in the tool section. My wife has a brass one from many years ago and I do seem to recall one of the screwdrivers being Philips.

    Good luck sir.


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