Thank You Terrapod!

I swear to you, I have some of the coolest people that stop by here.

Terrapod saw my posts about the new horizontal band saw I bought last weekend, including the one where I dumped the damn thing over and dug around, found a better set of wheels for it and sent them to me out of his own pocket!

How cool is that?

Even better, when I opened the package, I found a set of 123 blocks that he had included!



I couldn’t hardly believe it.

Thank you sir, that is extremely generous of you.

So then nothing will do but I gotta get on that and get rid of those baby doll carriage wheels that came with the thing and swap in the new ones.

I came this close to getting lucky and it just being a straight swap but the axle rod that came with the saw was just a hair too big in diameter.

Metric no doubt.

I thought about trying to unbury the little lathe and turn the ends down but it was still fairly early in the evening and I calculated that I would save a considerable amount of time and aggravation by just running up the road a bit and buying a hunk of rod.

Ayep, twenty minutes and $4.95 later I was back to get started. I would have been lucky to have gotten the lathe completely dug out and ready to get started in that amount of time.

So then I had to cut it and drill some holes in it for the cotter pins.


I just happen to have one handy little sonofabitch of a gizmo for doing just that kind of thing, drilling little holes in small round objects.




That is a bitchin’ little unit right there.

I did however, discover a very disconcerting little issue with my shiny new machinist’s vise and the sweet set of parallels that came with it.

If you try to set something on top of the parallels like I was doing there, it doesn’t leave hardly any of the vise jaws free to actually grip anything.


About an 1/8th of an inch actually.

I can see that being a problem but have no idea what, if anything, I can do about it. Both the parallels and the vise are precision ground to within needle dick bug fucker tolerances.

This causes me to believe that this vise is only going to be able to get used on similar sized jobs. Needle dick bug fucker tiny shit.

Oh well.

I still love that little bastard and it far and away the nicest vise I have ever owned.

I do have another, smaller, machinist vise that I bought off EBay last year but to be honest, I had forgotten about until just this very minute.

It isn’t near as precise but it does have much taller jaws.

I know exactly where it’s at too. Sitting on the plate of the old Post drill.

If it had been a snake it could have bitten me but it’s down low and was  out of my line of sight and my thoughts obviously.

I got things done though and got the new wheels on finally.





Much better.

Thank you again Terrapod.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot and had to come back and edit this, I found a temporary use for those cheap plastic wheels after all.

Holding down the paper and plastic wrappers in the garbage can.


While I was trying to get one of the new wheels on the shaft I had a small prybar underneath the stand on one side, trying to gently pry up on it just a hair to get the wheel to slide on the axle. At about 1/2 an inch up, I felt the  damn thing start trying to tip over, right onto the front end of the Sprite which is literally less than a foot away.

Luckily I had my left hand up on the motor to steady the bitch but it showed me just how top heavy and unstable that fucking thing really is.

I had gone to Portland earlier and picked up a couple small pieces of metal for some other projects and while I was there I got a quote on a 20 foot stick of 2X 3/16’s Angle iron.

About $75.00.

I figure it will take most of 20 feet to build a decent, heavy duty stand for this thing.

When I get ready for that though, I’m going to go over there with a cut list and have them pre- cut the whole thing.

I can see this happening later on when the weather starts getting nicer though.

In the mean time it can just sit right where it’s at because if I need to use it, I am going to have to move a whole bunch of shit, including that damn car.

I still have to turn that fucked up belt cover into a small metal art piece that closely resembles a miniature burlap bag full of walnuts too.

I’m not kidding, just wait.

In the mean time, I spent a few hours out in that garage cleaning off the overflowing top of the smaller Snap On roll away and putting machinist tools that are in wooden boxes up there. That opened up a couple of drawers in the little Harbor Freight wooden machinist’s box too

This is going to turn into a monster project but it is way overdue.

I am going to finally rearrange these tool boxes, throw a whole bunch of shit that has been sitting in, on and around them into boxes, sort the shit and throw a bunch of crap out.

Those roll away’s basically turn into Catch All’s with the lids open and I am tired of it.

I have tools and tool boxes all over that fucking garage and have no idea what is where anymore.

Some of it really needs to go.

Extra tools I don’t really need will go to my kids.

You know what they say, misery loves company.




9 thoughts on “Thank You Terrapod!

  1. RE: Tools, Extra…..BTDT on the “catch-all” problem with large toolboxes/chests. Looked at what I use and how I use it, extracted the “very infrequent” and “specialty tools” from the box & chest and put them in ACCURATELY LABELED AND EASILY ACCESSIBLE plastic bins on the shelf (thank you, Sterilite). Those times I do use them it’s less convenient, but since I use the frammis wrench or braffen puller only about 2X/year, but was moving them out of the way 10X/day to get to other tools, it’ll be a substantial net time and pissed-off savings.


  2. We have a band saw at the shop that is less tippy than yours, but would still give fits if you looked at it sideways. It acquired about 150lbs of scrap cast iron pump housings on the base and it settled right down.

    I’m sure you have something heavy around there you can use for ballast at least temporarily.


  3. As to the machinist vise jaws, go get some 1/2″ steel flat polished, of the same depth as the jaws then mill off 1/4″ by 1/4″ on the edge that will hold the work. You just replace the two removable jaw liner plates with the new ones made. That or see if anyone sells different jaw plates already made that are similar, you lose a tad of the opening width but will have better grip and support for small parts. Brass works too.


  4. If you know the model of the vise, you may be able to find soft jaws (not hardened). You can then mill them out or cut them to fit what you need. See if you can find some cold rolled bar. 4 inches would be good. That stuff is accurate enough for a drill press vise.



  5. I am confused. Parallels are normally sold in a set of a specific thickness, .062,.125, .250, etc-, with graduated heights. Can’t you just put a shorter pair in your vise?


    • Here now sir, I certainly don’t need any help in that department!
      I have seen a couple of these. WAY beyond my meager skill level.
      But hey, I learn something new every day, right?
      Like how much a new set of cutter inserts cost, how much a new chuck costs, how to repair the little goodies I just fucked up beyond repair cost, you know, that kind of stuff.
      It keeps me out of the taverns.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping the link.


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