It got cold enough to freeze around these parts last night and when I drug my half awake carcass outside to have my initial coffee and cigarette this morning that Sprite was a bejeweled little bastard.

Froze but good.

I am about to drag said carcass back out in the garage to do some dinkin’ around, Probably going to cut and drill some 1 inch angle iron to stiffen up the base on that new band saw, Then I am going to have to make some room, try to get that frozen little bitch started and try to get it back in the garage.

With no brakes.

The cable for the Emergency brake came unhooked a while back and where it connects is clear underneath the back end of the body pan, up inside the driveline tunnel where it is impossible to get at without jacking the ass end up, a lot.

Not gonna happen in the frozen driveway.

This could be….. interesting.

Pansies, Trolls and Liberals are urged to flee this place.

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