You have no idea how bad I want this.

Real Bad.



s-l1600 (1)

s-l1600 (2)

s-l1600 (3)

Right around $750, less than $800 dollars, delivered.

I didn’t think things like this actually existed.

A guy could spend a couple of months easy cleaning that thing up, getting it repainted and have a brand fucking new, heavy duty, antique drill press.

Not to mention the original crate.

Lord have mercy.

8 thoughts on “OH MY GOD!

  1. Damn son, You sound as excited as you where the first time you bedded a young gal… It is a find and I too would be proud of owning it.


  2. “Sell the Sprite, Sell the Sprite” I’ve heard that somewhere before…
    Austin Healy Sprite ? Year?
    You do fantastic reconditioning work, that is indisputable.
    But is this one of those things that lose value if you polish it ya think ?
    Of course all that bullshit flies out the window if it’s put to work in the shop….
    Until you said drill press I couldn’t tell what it was….
    I’m fuckin old, just not that old……


    • It a 64 Sprite, the first year with roll up windows and is exactly the same thing as an MG Midget.
      Have you ever watched any of Dave Richards videos of his completely functional steam operated machine shop?
      If not, you absolutely need to watch some of them on youtube, he has over 45 now.
      He somehow managed to find an antique Camel Back drill press from the 1880’s that was still in the original crate. He cleaned it up, painted it and put it to work. It’s a thing of beauty I’m telling ya.


  3. I’m definitely in the “admiring it while watching chips fly” crowd…..
    I gotta admit, your work here has inspired me. Big fan of Harbor Freight too!
    Thanks for the utoob tip…… I’ll go give ‘er a looksee…..


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