How Sweet It Is!


I just went out in the garage and in about an hour or less, found the 1 inch angle iron, dug it out and unwrapped the plastic wrap off of it, measured what I needed for length, got lucky and only had to cut it exactly in half for what I needed, measured again, marked, cut, drilled, dug out fasteners and installed it on the band saw to stiffen up the stand.


Under an hour, because, POWER TOOLS!



The actual cutting and drilling part probably only took ten minutes!

It’s a kind of independence and freedom the likes of which driving alone for the very first time comes to mind.

I am so grateful that I have these tools now, it makes doing things so much easier and faster it almost defies belief.

I pretty much have almost every thing I have been wanting now except one little item

That one is going to take some doing but Lord willing, eventually one will be sitting on a stand out there before I get too damn old to use it.

A mini mill.

I hammered the wife about one a couple of years ago, like starting the minute I opened up that mini lathe on Christmas day.

I’m going to start in again too. For once in my adult life I may just have something good to say about Christmas next year.




Well, maybe.

We’ll see.

In the mean time I have plenty enough out there to keep me busy now and I LIKE IT!!

8 thoughts on “How Sweet It Is!

  1. On our (older) version of that saw (Puke Green) we had to reinforce the legs with small gussets and had to box the end opposite the wheels to get it stiff enough to move without disaster.

    They are pretty good saws, just cheap in spots.

    Make SURE you oil the blade rollers. Trust me. You want to do that regularly.

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  2. Phil – e-mail me an address and I will ship you two much more substantial wheels of the same format that are on it. You may have to move the axle a bit higher and/or get a slightly larger rod. The wheels are sitting in my garage for a defunct project so you might as well get the use of em. ejpomeroy at qtm dot net I am sure I saw the bag with those suckers on a shelf the other day, we’ll see if Murphy stays away.

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    • Message sent.
      Waiting for your reply to make sure I sent it to the right place before I splash my street address around. I’m sure you understand.
      Thanks very much for your offer!


      • WordPress is strange. Recognizes my avatar on one computer but not the Slate. Got your email and above note. Go ahead to my email addy.


  3. Phil, I haven’t commented on your HF bandsaw because it has always worked out that I was on my tablet and typing on that is painful. I have one of the green HF 4×6 saws like B talks about. There are hundreds of pages of tips and suggestions on the 4×6 saws online. has a good page with several good mods:
    Gadget builder has some:
    You’ll find information on tons of topics on the Hobby Machinist Forum

    There are guys who agonize over getting the blade to cut straight and tight so you can cut a wafer off the end of bar and barely need to clean it up. Nice, but I tend to rough cut and often need some extra to grab onto – like a bar for the lathe.

    Your angle iron fix is probably the best way to fix the floppy stand but I’ve seen guys cut 2x4s and one on each side. I have no doubt that a 1×4 or 1×6 frame would be just as good.

    The best piece of advice I ever read was to put a better blade on it. I have a Lenox bimetal blade like this.
    I ordered two in mid-2016 and the still have the second in a bag in my hand (I think they were cheaper in ’16, too) Blades wear out, so it’s always good to have a spare on hand. You know things only break when you most need them and don’t have a spare.

    Hope that helps.

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    • Thank you very much for the links and taking the time to hunt them down for me.
      Winter is here even though it has been really mild, it has been freezing at night. I will be gathering up materials and as soon as it gets warm enough, will be cleaning out a pathway for the generator, the welder and the saw and build something solid for it .
      Another reader has already most generously offered to send me some different wheels that will most likely need a bigger diameter shaft so I will be fabbing up a new axle assembly anyway.


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