HaHaHa…. FUCK!!

Mere minutes after the last post where I was all giddy like a school girl asked to the prom and running my fucking mouth, Karma jumped up, sprinted across the room, backhanded me right in the cock holster and screamed into my face,


To whit,

while I was moving that heavy new saw on those chintzy fucking wheels, got to within two inches of where I was going to set it to make room for the Sprite, she struck.


My dumbass forgot to put the pin in the sonofabitch, a wheel hit a microscopic grain of sand or something, the damn saw flipped up on me and over it went.

What the fuck are ya gonna do?

All I could do was start cussing and then laughing.

That fucker is heavy boys.

When it went over I tightened up my grip on it to DEATH MODE trying to save it and the fucker hauled me into the air with it.

Shit happens.

The only real damage was to the belt shroud and my pride.

I’m not even going to try and pound it out at this point, I’ll just take it off for now and see how I feel about it later.

I don’t need to use it for anything and the Sprite is now about six inches away from it anyway. Just enough for me to skinny by sideways.

I had a fuck of a time getting that cantankerous bitch started and finally got pissed off and gave it a shot of starting fluid.

Even then it took a while but when it finally started it just sat there and purred.

One bit of good news anyway.

Piece of shit.

So, situation normal, all fucked up, life goes on. I learned a little something today so there is that.

Maybe that bitch Karma will finally go somewhere else for the Winter.

Anywhere else would be fine with me.

15 thoughts on “HaHaHa…. FUCK!!

  1. Hey Phil, From the highest high to the lowest low in a fraction of a second. How many times have we been there? Least you were not hurt. Looks like you could pound that out reasonably once you get over the butt hurt from it. Oh well job for another day.Take care,Al


    • They are called Pallet Jacks over here and believe it or not, I do have one. I run it in under the back of the Sprite when I’m not using it.The problem with trying to use that to move the saw is that it is three inches off the ground. You can’t hardly tilt one end of that saw up that high, it will tip over. It is really a lot heavier on the motor end than the other end and is not balanced at all.
      I will build a very stout cart for it eventually with real wheels and not have to worry about it ever again.
      Key phrase, one of these days.
      I already have more projects than I know what to do with!


  2. Look at that bitch and you’ll see the stand is too narrow for that fucker. Needs a wider base. You can make one using plywood and 2x4s and mount real castors, or those fake castors from Horrible Freight, 4 total. I know this because I have done this with a fucking shopsmith. Talk about a heavy assed bitch…

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    • Angle Iron.
      There is a place over in Portland that sells metal to your length called the Metal Supermarket. That place is the shit!
      Say you want to build a cart for this thing.
      You get all your measurements for the materials wrote down. Most places will sell you a twenty foot length of angle iron, maybe one free cut in half for transport.
      This outfit cuts everything to length FOR FREE.
      Take all of your measurements, hand them to the guy at the counter and wait. They will cut everything to your spec and then help you load it up. Then you bring it home and put it together.
      I love that joint.
      That is what I will build the cart out of.


      • We have a salvage place in the city just south of me that will do really cheap cutting for you, pretty precisely too.

        Bad place to go. You can pick up a whole stainless steel countertop and sink, drawers, angle iron, some 2″ bronze hex rod to turn into a mini cannon, stuff like that. Very dangerous, to the wallet that is.


  3. Well, you got the first scratches and dents out of the way. Regardless of how you feel, you need to pound that belt guard back into some semblance of shape; you don’t want to give a belt/pulley a chance to grab you. Imagine getting your beard or best t-shirt caught in it, running or not…


  4. RE: the pallet jack. What if a couple inches were trimmed from the saw stand and it was bolted to a pallet? Might require a custom pallet, but maybe the added stability from a larger base would be beneficial. The larger base would take up more floor space, but that beats wrestling it with every move and certainly better than falling over in a move or while in use. I’ve built custom pallets for stuff that has “slots” to slide in 2X4s to add stability – less (but not “small” floor space) to store, a lot more stability when in use.


    • Sure that’s an option. We throw away scads of pallets where I work.
      It wouldn’t take much to find a couple of busted up pallets and build something like that.


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