Patience My Ass

I finally got a few things done yesterday that I wanted to but couldn’t last week due to that whole Christmas thing.

First things, first, I cleaned up a huge mess and finally found some of the floor out in that garage again.

It ain’t gonna last but I wanted to get some of this other shit done before I drag that piece of shit Sprite back in there that has been sitting out in the wind and rain for the last 3 weeks.

This one has been on my list for a very long time. I have a buddy who is really into woodworking and I bothered him yet again to cut me a small piece of plywood. I ain’t got shit around here like that and it wouldn’t have been square when I got done with it anyway.

I just sent him this picture and thanked him again.

Saved me a whole shit load of hassle just to get an 18″X 24″ chunk.


Now maybe I can cut my own.

I scrounged a fucked up filing cabinet, went you know where and got some casters and then with the plywood, put a little cart together to mount the 1943 Atlas table top saw on.

I finally got around to making everything work on that quite a while ago and it has been just sitting on top of the 1925 Table saw my neighbor gave me last year. Let me tell ya, that little saw is one heavy little motherfucker, especially with the motor flopping around on the back.

I kind of picked it off the other saw by burying one end in my belly and then taking baby steps in between a large Roll Away and my work bench backwards to get it out.

My asshole was puckered tight enough to shit string but I managed to get it out and around the bench and get it set down.

Check that little project off the immediate must do list.

Then I snagged a couple of small moving dollies off a top shelf and struggled for at least fifteen minutes by myself trying to tip that big assed drill press back and get one underneath. Not happening. I could allllllmost but not quite stretch my leg out and shove it under with my toe.

But not quite.

I wound up getting the Wifely Unit’s ass up off the couch to shove it under there while I tilted it back. That led to some minor bitching but whatever.

Then I wrestled it up the rest of the way, tilted it just a touch again and ran another one under it. Then I drilled holes, cut some scrap wood, made a couple of J hooks out of some All Thread I had laying around and mounted the heavy bastard to them so it can be rolled around.


Cheap fucking swivel casters don’t like it but it will do.


So now I can move some of this shit around fairly easily if I need to. That’s 2 projects down.

Now, for the reason behind the title of this post.

As I sat here contemplating my plan of attack and my next tactical move, I found myself here at home all by myself. The wife and kids went to watch a Seahawks game which leaves me to my own devices.

Never a good idea to leave me without adult supervision dear.

That damn band saw kept popping into my head.

There is enough open cement out there right now to put it together.

I have the money available with some sleight of hand, coupons, gift cards, time to myself and the wife ain’t here….

Fuck it.


There it is.

Normally $259, with a 20% Off coupon and the last of the gift cards, it was $183 out the door.

It was the only one they had in stock too.

Fuck that extended warranty bullshit, it’s either gonna work or they are going to cough up another one.

You see what I am going to be doing.

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Patience My Ass

  1. Inspect it closely, like even before you leave the parking lot. Bought a floor stand drill press, got it home, the cast base was cracked. 30 mile round trip with another one, it was cracked too.15 miles back to the store, they’ve got one more to try. No, No, No. We’re checking this one in the store.
    It was cracked too. Got my money back and went elsewhere.


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