When You Have More Energy Than Sense

God bless him, his little heart is in the right place but he picked a bad project to waste his energy on in my humble opinion. I guess it was worth it in the long run for the learning experience if nothing else.

Ya gotta start somewhere.

I would have to plead guilty to that same charge for more than one of my little time wasters but hopefully I have learned a few things over the years and try to at least pick something that will be worth more than five dollars at a yard sale when I get done.

I did have to laugh at a little more than a minute in when he discovers the old wire wheel in a drill trick though.

Beats the living snot out of all that sanding by hand bullshit.

I’d give him four bucks for it max at a garage sale when he gets done.
I figure it was a two dollar tool box to begin with.

Since every time I try to do any dent removal, whatever I am working on winds up looking like a bag of walnuts, I don’t have a lot of room to talk when it comes to knocking the dents out of it but I would at least recommend watching a few Youtubes on the subject next time.

Harbor Freight generally has a cheap set of body hammers and dolly’s on sale every damned day.

7 thoughts on “When You Have More Energy Than Sense

  1. As a beginning prjoect he took an old piece of gear and fixed it to his liking. He’s doing something to get his hands dirty and not parked in front of a TV. Probably learned a couple tricks that will make his next endeavor better.
    Good for him.


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