OOOPS! I Did It Again…

Hi, my name is Phil and I am a tool whore.

What can I say?

That damn Harbor Freight are enablers I’m tellin’ ya!

No, I didn’t get the band saw, yet.

But I got a bunch of HF gift cards for Christmas and they were burning a hole in my pocket, plus, they keep sending me these damn coupons and they are only good for so long!

So I went and got another one of the little grinders for $9.99.



I’m telling ya, they are losing money on these things but they use them as bait to get you in the door.

It works, too.

However, while I was there, I found a little gadget that I had been looking for that fits these things that I had only been able to find on line up to this point and this takes the little angle grinder to a whole nuther level.


They call it a Grinder Support and this little thing is the shit and only costs $8.00.

I was really surprised when the extra cut off wheel attaching hardware pieces fell out of the box.

Hell, them things are always hard to find when you need them and would cost that much all by themselves.

This gizmo clamps around the grinder head in place of the normal wheel guard and allows you to use it like a Skill Saw, on metal.

Very, very handy for cutting long straight pieces using a straight edge and some clamps.

I have been wanting one of those for months and actually had an internet order ready to go open in another tab on the laptop.

I wasn’t finished there though.

I have been thinking this next one over for a long damn time and my Sister In Law just made this purchase possible with a fifty dollar gift card.


Lol, there’s them damn tennis shoes again.

I suck at taking pictures. I couldn’t see them in the view finder because I looked.

Anyway, this little package deal was on sale from $75.00 down to $59.99.

It came with a nice little carrying satchel, the drill, a battery and the charger.



The RYOBI set I have is pushing 20 years old and it’s time.

Even though I just spent $150.00 fucking dollars on 4 of their small batteries and a damn charger for the set last year.

I’ll probably wind up giving the whole Shebang to my Son In Law to help him out and then start replacing the stuff in that kit piece by piece.

The bonus there is that the HF stuff is half as expensive from the Get Go piece per piece and you get another battery and charger on top of that each time you buy another one. Plus it’s 20 volt and everything is going 20 volt. Even their bigger batteries are about half as much as the RYOBI shit.

Just a quick glance when I put the battery in the charger to make sure it worked, this is amazingly similar to the Milwaukee style of battery and charger.

That would be quite the coincidence if they interchanged……

The paperwork my buddy is waiting on got pushed even farther out thanks to the state of Washington. He needed to get a new drivers license with the correct address on it and they don’t give you a small paper copy with your picture printed on it anymore. They give you a full sheet of paper with no picture and make you wait ten to fourteen days for them to mail you the new license.

It makes perfect sense in this day and age .


Fucking ass backwards sonsabitches, my God, you can scan and print any fucking thing in mere seconds these days but no, not the government.

For the amount of money these cocksuckers rape us for every year , you would think they could spit that out and hand it to you while it was still warm.

I shit you not, there was a voter revolt a while back over what the bastards were skimming us for on license plate tags and we passed a law limiting that fee to $30 a year.


Right. There is an added CITY TAX now of $40 just for starters on top of that.

If you have a truck they charge you more by weight and on and fucking on, again.

The tags are due on the Bronco next month and it is just shy of $125.00.

For one thirty year old vehicle, for one lousy year.

They literally rake in millions and millions of dollars but don’t have the technology to take a picture, put your personal information into a computer and spit out a motherfucking drivers license.

Fucking ridiculous.

In the mean time, I have a 25% off coupon that is only good for two days next week and I will be getting that band saw with it, one way or another.

The wife has already given me the stink eye over today’s haul and made some snide comments even though not one single dime came out of my pocket.


Dis gonna be good.


6 thoughts on “OOOPS! I Did It Again…

  1. You are a tool slut, for sure.
    I picked up a 4″ air grinder at Tractor Supply a while back on clearance for $11.
    The damned thing won’t quit.
    At the time, they had a bunch of them and I contemplated buying all they had.
    They would have made a better customer present for Christmas than a fifth of whiskey.
    I started my welding shop thirty plus years ago, and it only took me about six months to stop buying electric when there was an air alternative.
    I remember one of those high pressure salesmen selling me a 7″ grinder assuring me that there was an unlimited replacement warranty on these things.
    After four burnouts he finally gave me my money back.


  2. We could do an intervention. But, we are the same as you, I would gather we all would head over to harbor freight and homo depot and lowes as a group and spend a fuckton of money…


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