Coming Soon, To A Garage Near Me…

I’ll find out in a couple of hours whether or not it’s going to be today or in a couple of weeks. Depends on some fucking paperwork but eventually it’s gonna happen.

band saw

I had a much bigger  one that was complete fiasco to get, lost $500 on the deal in the end when I had to get rid it when we moved, will never hear the end of it for the rest of my life from my wife and have been wanting another one ever since.

I have a deal that’s been in the works since the beginning of the month that is all but done except for said motherfucking paperwork on someone else’s end to make it official.

I could, go raid the savings account and just put it back, we shall see here in a couple of hours but I AM, going to get one.

I fell asleep with this laptop sitting on my knees at O:Dark Thirty this morning watching Youtubes about these things and spent a good amount of time reading reviews yesterday. They have a couple of things to be aware of and look for, the main complaint is the cheesy stand it sits on.

Guess what?

It cuts metal. Ya get some, cut it and build a heavier set of legs.

Even if you have to bolt it together.

I still have yet another little item on my wish list I’m going to be getting in the next couple of months, a little 120 volt “pocket welder”.

They have these literally tiny portable stick welders available now that are about half as long as a shoebox and I’m going to get one of those eventually too.

I have had a damn wire feed for almost 3 years and haven’t been able to use it because the breakers in both places I have lived in can’t handle the load. I had my kid wire me in a new breaker and plug just for it about three weeks before my old landlord called me out of the blue and told us we had 30 days to move so his soon to be ex could move back in and I’m not even going to try and do that in this place.

I haven’t tried it using my generator though and might see if that works. There is a guy at work who has a Miller portable 120 volt with a shoulder strap and that is the handiest little fucker I ever saw.

Daddy want.

But first, the saw.

It’s pretty much a done deal.

The wifely unit is going to take one look at that and lose her shit.

I know this with a certainty.


(insert maniacal laughter here)

Bummer for her, the money for it is coming out of my ass pocket and the source is an unexpected sale of something I wasn’t using anyway.

Besides, if I don’t give her something to complain about, she will find something else and I would much rather be in control of that.

Women can be hard to figure out sometimes but that little trait I caught on to real early…

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon, To A Garage Near Me…

  1. I have a no-gas mig Lincoln weld pack, runs on 110 volt, I usually feed 0.035 wire, it’s not as heavy duty as a 7014 stick but is good enough for most medium projects.

    I can hear you laughing way up here, Phil, it’s a good sound.


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