Meh, Good Enough

After on and off dicking with this drill press table for what, two weeks now, enough is enough.

I put four applications of J.B. Weld on it and sanded it all back down, put a toilet paper roll covered with wax paper in the hole in the middle to fill in a huge gouge and then sanded THAT down, put yet another skin coat on it and sanded that down too, there is still a minor blemish around one edge of the hole and exactly who the fuck cares.

I don’t.

I finished it off yesterday morning before we left for my wife’s parents place and called it good.



Dammit, I thought I got my shoes out of the way, apparently not.

As a commenter so succinctly pointed out, I’m not running air bearings on the damn thing.

So, before,


and after.


Works for me.

I have a couple of new items I got for Christmas that I haven’t even had time to open the boxes on yet that I want to play with that are related so whenever I get a fucking moment to myself, I’ll go out and try them out and let you know what I think.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am quite happy that the Christmas bullshit is done with again.

I have been off since Friday and have had Christmas related shit to do every fucking day since. I was basically gone all damn day yesterday until ten at night.

That means I didn’t get fuck all done except finish that plate.


On the bright side, I only have to work two days and then I am off for five more, without using any vacation time.

Maybe after Thursday I can actually get some shit straightened around finally.

The garage is full of cardboard boxes and Christmas related crap plus a bunch of tooling and shit related to this little project that all needs to be cleaned up and put away so I can get that miserable sonofabitch Sprite back in there.

It never ends.

5 thoughts on “Meh, Good Enough

  1. And no matter how carefully you pack all the Christmas shit to store for next year, or how brilliant you are at finding the perfect place to store them, by December next they’ll be so far behind and under accumulated crap that you’ll inevitably have to totally destroy your garage/attic/basement getting them back out only to find half the bulbs in shards and the lights have turned themselves into a rat’s nest of mangled wire. And yet we do this year after year….


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