My Christmas Gift To You, The Ultimate Red Pill

The following is going to blow your mind and you had better sit down and read this to yourself slowly so as to be able to digest and comprehend just how bad the situation behind the kabuki theater in Washington D.C. really is.

I will wish you a Merry Christmas now because you are going to have trouble sleeping at night after this one. It’s long so make time to read it all.

It’s way, way worse than we could have ever imagined and we should all Thank God that Hillary didn’t win the Presidency.


Our entire government is comped and Obama and Hillary facilitated loose tactical nukes called Davey Crockets to be given to Syrian rebels and they wound up in the hands of the Iranians.

Death Penalty Treason, right there.










There you have it.

What has been hidden from us all for years now.

It is way, way worse than we could even have guessed in our wildest nightmares.

Why these people aren’t on Death Row this very minute is the first question that comes to mind, right?

This is why I have been following the Q phenomena so closely.

It has facilitated the flow of information previously only known by a few to be uncovered and shared with the masses.

Now you know.

So should everyone else.

It makes wishing everyone a Merry Christmas seem a bit hollow but I do, sincerely, wish everyone Happy Holidays and hope you get to spend some quality time with friends and family. This should certainly liven up a few conversations.

God help us all, we have a lot of work to do to clean the rot and filth out of our government. No matter what you think of Donald Trump, it is he who authorized the Q psyop for this very reason and now you know what the man has been up against since day one.

How it all plays out has yet to be seen but the genie is out of the bottle now and the final

battles have yet to be fought, mark my words, they are coming.

Soon the entire world is going to know what has happened and there may well yet be another World War because of it, if not both that and a civil war at the same time.

Prepare accordingly, shit is about to get real.

15 thoughts on “My Christmas Gift To You, The Ultimate Red Pill

  1. I am having trouble reading the text. I know it’s partly my eyes, but, could you re-post it with larger text possibly?? Thanks!!!
    Merry Christmas… if it is as bad as you say, I will gladly withdraw my gracious wishes, and prepare for the war I have seen coming for some years now… it isn’t going to be pretty…. and again, it isn’t going to last long, because these communists forget… there are 110 million or more veterans, as I am, and most of us, are heavily armed personally, and can walk in to combat, in a few minutes notice, even after being retired for 30 years…. I can’t RUN as fast, but I sure as HELL can still shoot, out shoot, and destroy anything coming at me, if I get enough notice…. I AM NOT TAKING THIS LYING DOWN!!!!!!

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    • Unfortunately I can’t blow those up but if you are reading them on a lap top or PC then I can help you out there. Hit the Control key and the Plus sign key at the same time and repeat that until it gets big enough for you to read it comfortably. If you are unable to do that then let me know and I will try and give you the short version, which is rather complicated no matter how short I try to make it.


      • Phil, thanks for the tip re enlarging the images, now I can read the reports you posted. I wish this could work in reverse for my gut!

        Merry Xmas from tropical north Queensland to you and your blog readers. I’m on the beach here, cracking a coldie with Santa. You maybe can help me with another problem, man?
        We’re sitting here in the shade, like true far northerners, letting the DTs (dickhead tourists) turn red with incipient sun cancer. But man, we’re surrounded by all these damn white pointers*, dunno which way to turn. What plan of action do you suggest?

        *White pointers; the female tourist in a hurry to tan up! Not the bloody sharks, the great white typically a more temperate-climate specie. Although we warn the girls to watch out for bull and/or tiger sharks, and bastard crocs too, no joking there. Not very concerned if their boyfriends get eaten! Hey, we provide emotional support for the newly bereaved, we aren’t heartless you know.


        • p.s., Hey Phil, do you have a good recipe for reindeer venison? Poor Santa, he didn’t take care with the intake of said coldies. Oh man, the take-off did not go as planned, there are bits of Rudolf, Donner and Blitzen everywhere! Lucky the local council provide free gas barbecues at parks and beaches.


    • select the photo of the print it will highlight, copy and paste to word, once in word you can left click it and then you can make it bigger.. just grab the ball at the bottom center and drag down..hope this helps ya…

      BTW, Merry Christmas


  2. I dunno man. The last part seems to be a bit much. Although I do believe the Clinton Foundation is the heart of a lot of this some things in this piece seem a bit too far fetched. I remember getting updates on somebody’s blog during Benghazi. As I recall that through listening to their communications it was concluded that an ambush was set up for any rescue teams. We were able to listen in but could not determine their locations and knowing that Hillary had given them Stingers it was decided to stand down to avoid another Blackhawk down scenario. The other thing, Davy Crockets? What madel M388-ZZZ
    All during the Benghazi hearings I don’t recall much about the Stinger that got stuck in the Chinook tailpipe or how they had more courtesy of Hillary. There was the “mistaken” delivery of the missiles but otherwise it was a dog and pony show.
    Like I said I believe the foundation is the key and many others just like it. McCain had one too and he is up to his eyeballs in the pee pee dossier


  3. All and all Phil, I would have rather have been giving a lump of coal… serious stuff and not unexpected with what we are saddled with in the swamp. Merry Christmas Sir!


  4. I have changed my way of approaching this type of material. It used to be that I would consider that this stuff is not true, unless and until it was proven. Now, after seeing just what the federal government is capable of, I believe this stuff unless and until it is disproven.
    All you have to do is study just how the Republican party has screwed the President, and you will know that something bad is afoot.
    Now that Paul Ryan is leaving, and also Trey Gowdy as well, it really makes you wonder about the entire mess. Remember that Trey Gowdy was a bulldog in beating up on witnesses during the Benghazi hearings. Now, he is slowly fading into the sunset. Do you really think that he was just going away to fish from his boat? I think that he either was told that his health was in danger, or sensed it, and got out to avoid being just one more notch on the Clinton Foundation’s gun.
    It could just be a coincidence that Gowdy was involved in the hearings. And Paul Ryan knew that he was not going to be the Speaker of the House, with the election promising to go for the Democrats.
    No matter what, it certainly makes one sit up and pay attention.


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  6. Ya know, there is a reason the DHS guidelines pamphlet on emergency response to a domestic nuclear detonation by terrorists in a urban setting is based on a 10Kt device surface detonation. what do think the effective yield of the M-388 tactical warhead was?
    At any rate, here is how justice is served in the political world, which is not something you normally hear about outside the cloakroom. Those involved are most certainly known to those who run things. Those who run things are pissed because those involved were caught. In that polite society we call DC, getting caught screwing your daughter is far worse than screwing your daughter. the deep state has its own way. you and I won’t call it justice but remember it is a matter of degree…it may not be good enough, but it is all your gonna get.
    as for the veracity of any story involving the obamas and clintons; the one grain of salt with purported facts of any story is a good rule. However, what with the propensity of the Obamas and Clintons to do their worst in any matter, makes the suspension of belief in the facts as stated very difficult thing to do.


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