So Tell Me WAPO, What Changed?

Fucking cunts.

If there is a MSM  “journalist” worthy of the title out there I’ll eat my hat.

Fake news


These people have a serious problem staring them in the eyes.

The internet has given John Q. Public the ability to pick their lies apart and stick them in a bottomless memory hole for future retrieval.

Actual news reporting is a lost art.

All you see now is scripted propaganda.

Whatever message the Deep State wants you to see, no matter how ridiculous it makes them look, week to week, month to month.

They think that no one has the ability to discern bullshit or has the ability to remember anything more that a few minutes.

Their real problem is citizen journalism.

We are the media now bitches.

You see it every single day now.

People recording videos and uploading them, Twitter, Gab, Youtube, Even Facebook to a point, until they shadow ban you, outright ban you, de-platform you or send their shills after you to try and shame you.

This is why they are doing everything they can possibly think of to silence you.

They see what is happening and are terrified that they are losing control of the ability to send the message and have it taken as truth, whether it is or not.

Their time is coming. They have aided and abetted Treason and they did it knowingly and with malice in their hearts.

The fact that they actually made money doing it just amplifies the need to put their entire system of networks under a microscope and start at one end of that food chain and destroy it piece by piece until it no longer exists.

Maybe then we can go back to having real news reports and not sloppy political hit pieces disguised as news shoved in our faces every day.

4 thoughts on “So Tell Me WAPO, What Changed?

  1. So they are attacking President for actually following his campaign promises, and the Sec Def who hasn’t changed a single thing since taking over resigns because President Trump is actually doing the presidential job.

    Hopefully now we’ll actually get a SecDef who overturns all the diversity crap and kicks some contractors down the road and turns our military forces back into the best military in the world.


  2. If TRUMP cured cancer and denuclearized the world the WAPO and democrats would scream see he destroyed the military and medical professions. He is defending Americans citizens including legal immigrants who got citizenship. Why are the liberals opposed to that?


  3. Everybody wants to be paid attention to. But, this is a result of them getting too much [not enough?] attention during childhood.

    1. US Troops in Syria, MSM gets to bash POTUS, gets headlines. MSM ego satisfied.
    2. No US troops in Syria, no more headlines. People stop paying attention. MSM Ego unsatisfied.



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