It Never Stops

Fuckin’ cats.
They either want in or they want out, constantly.

They will make your life a living hell if you don’t submit to their demands immediately too.

We have one especially irritating little bitch who scratches the living shit out of the front door, the jamb and the fucking door seal until you get up and let her in. Then, I kid you not, I have seen her turn right the fuck back around and want right back out. Either that or she will come in, crunch down three or four little pieces of Kibbles and THEN, want right back out. Yowling and whining, scratching at the door the whole time.
I have already replaced the one front door seal TWICE because of that motherfucker and the newest one is already getting shredded..
It ain’t even my fucking cat, it’s the wife’s.

Then there is my brain damaged varmint.

I have had the little she devil since it was so small it literally fit in the palm of my hand.
It has drain bamage and emotional issues. Go figure, I raised it.
Despite that, it looooooves it’s Daddy and all day long if I am sitting in the recliner, it wants to jump up and get in my face for the never ending love fest it craves.
Every night when I get home, it is waiting for me to sit down so it can jump up and walk all over the keyboard, turn around and show me it’s asshole up close and personal and then lay down right in the fucking way, demanding attention.
So when I saw this GIF, I busted up laughing. This little fucker looks almost just like my little Baby and I can just see it doing this shit.

10 thoughts on “It Never Stops

  1. Kinda partly the premise behind Robert Heinlein’s “Door into Summer.” Cat doesn’t like Winter, so goes to all the doors hoping for the door into summer. Sci-fi fun ensues…


  2. Phil, any damn cat will settle down just fine, if you correct their mineral deficiency. I find that about 34 to 40 grains of lead injected into their brainpan works just dandy.


  3. I had a cat when I was young. It was bat shit crazy, and would scratch the crap out me for no reason.

    The lesson I learned about cats: Don’t die in your house, unless you want to be a cat smorgasbord.


  4. Philosiphising….
    I sit in evenings dim glow
    and contemplate the mysteries of life
    with my cat
    As our minds begin to grapple
    the subtle complexities of infinity
    We realize that pencils on paper
    sound like mice


  5. In or Out!!…. Sounds like my “Belle Starr!!!” …Spoiled-ass-rotten and she know’s it!! ‘Got me “wrapped!!” …… Go search for Stan Lynde and his “cartoon” series “Rick O’Shay” …Rick’s Friend and Huntin’ buddy “Hipshot Percussion” …… You will find a cat …. she befriended ‘Hip….. she’s Belle Starr!!! I like, among other’s, the “New Years Hangover!!” .. It’s one to play now in just a few daze!!!!



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