A Handy Little Fucker

I made one of these at work in my spare time over the last few days out of scrap shit just laying around.

Of course mine ain’t near as pretty but it is just as functional.

I bet if you looked around, you would probably find enough scrap parts laying around to make one of your own.


4 thoughts on “A Handy Little Fucker

  1. If you heat the point red hot and quench it in motor oil it will stay sharp longer.

    and yes, I could make a few out of my scrap bit if I didn’t already have one.


  2. Damn, I made one of those 30 years ago and out of titanium and still have it, it works well marking wood, plastic, and linoleum. Why pay for it when the shop scrap and a few minutes gets you a tool
    that cheap and useful.


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