Apparently, My Capacity For Self Abuse Far Exceeds The Boundaries Of Sanity

In other words, I am a combination of crazy, fearless and completely fucking stupid.

You guys are gonna love this.

But first, a little update on the drill press plate project.

I would like to extend my very heart felt thanks to the people who not only read what I write but are interested enough to take the time to leave comments. Some of you guys are really sharp and offered up some very good suggestions on how to tackle my little conundrum of repairing the huge gouge in the center of the drill press plate.

I wound up using the cut to fit toilet paper roll wrapped in wax paper method and it looks like it is going to be plenty good enough of a fix to suit my needs.

I scoured the shelves at the local Wally World looking for some floor wax but there was n’t even a hint of any having ever been there since they opened the doors.

Then I thought I had some old Turtle Wax stashed away somewhere but I think that got tossed in the move a couple of years ago so I wound up just using the wax paper and it came right off right before I left for work yesterday afternoon.

I still have to sand it down again but can’t be doing that at two in the morning so I will get to it when I can.



I’ll trim that lip down and then sand the piss out of the whole thing again.

That should be good enough for my needs. A quick coat of something like semi gloss black paint should be it then.

So, now for the next new project.

Someone get the number for Bellevue handy.

I scored a large drill press vise from work today after asking my boss if I could have it.

You will see why they were getting rid of it here shortly. It’s been sitting on a shelf for the last six years that I know of anyway.


It looks a little rough here but not too bad.

Wait for it….


Wait for it…


Oh it gets better,


There we go.

I am going to say that hands down, this is the most fucked up and abused drill press vise I have ever laid eyes on.

There are a couple of saving graces here though.

One, the screw only has a very slight bend in it that should straighten right out and Two, there are two thin plates that the jaw slides on that can be taken off and replaced that will greatly improve the condition of the vise its self.

After that, it will be the same trick as the plate on the drill press. Clean it up and fill in the holes with J.B. Weld.

I also need to find a pair of vise jaw plates but that should be pretty easy on Ebay or even Amazon. It’s a pretty standard sized drill press vise.

Some of the retaining screws got drilled through but I will get them out one way or another. After that it will just be a matter of finding some 1/8th by inch and a half stock, cutting it to length, re-drilling new holes and putting new screws in it.


That will cover up a whole bunch of that mess.



Told ya I was fucking crazy, didn’t I?

You thought maybe I was kidding?

What the heck, the price was right and it kills my soul to see something get thrown away that could possibly be fixed and gotten some use out of.

It’s a character flaw, I know.

So stay tuned, the fun never ends around here.


16 thoughts on “Apparently, My Capacity For Self Abuse Far Exceeds The Boundaries Of Sanity

  1. Bringing shit back from the dead is a really good skill to have. Anybody can buy a “new” one, but when there aren’t any to be had? I much prefer old and fixed, made in America stuff anyway.
    Jesse in DC


    • I agree.
      The way I look at is that I’m not into it for any more than the gas and the labor to drag it home, I am going to learn something from messing with it and if I can fix it good enough to use then I am way ahead in the long run.
      Either way, I don’t see a down side to snagging it and messing with it. The most I’ll be out for my trouble will be under twenty bucks.
      That’s pretty cheap entertainment these days.


  2. A screw extractor should remove the buggered retaining screws. Heat the screw, spray some PB Blaster, let it cool, repeat the process multiple times, over a few days, and then carefully drill the hole for the extractor. The screw should come out without too much torque.


  3. Wouldn’t it make sense to just mill off/deck the mangled top on the jaws and then perhaps cap them with some sacrificial angle iron to prevent a repeat.
    BTW, thanks for the Somanyhobbies link, just subbed.


  4. Kinda what Michael was saying: do I recall you having a small milling machine? I’d try to really square it to the table and face the jaws. Having access to the screws that attached the jaws to this one helps. Having interchangeable jaws and some soft (aluminum) jaws can be helpful.

    Is it tall enough to just mill off the tops of the jaws instead of filling them with J B Weld? That’s kind of a judgement call.

    That said, it looks like it has been more abused than used. Almost looks like it was used for target practice.


  5. Who does that to their equipment?
    What am I saying, I see it every day at work.
    Must be someone who didn’t pay for it and does not care.

    I grew up next door to one of my sets of grandparents.
    My grandfather was one of those whose family migrated to work in Detoilet from Appalachia during the Depression looking for work. This man could, if need be, polish a piece of shit. From metal work to wood he would turn anything into a work of art. When I was young, and after having done something half-assed that he had requested of me, he said something that I’ll never forget.

    “Matt, I don’t care what you do in life. If your job is to dig shit house holes, you make damn sure those walls are straight.”

    Of course, this is after he tanned my ass.
    Learned a lot from that man.

    Other memorabale quotes:
    “Never forget that I’ve taught you everything you know, but not everything I know.”
    “So, I told him he could suck the snotty end of my fuck-stick.”


      • I think you may have misread.
        That was one of his quotes that is memorable to me.
        We may have had some heated arguments when I got a older, but I would never talk at him like that.


  6. Go to a good hardware store. You want some Simoniz or Trewax paste wax, often found in the housewares section used for hardwood floors. It’s close to a straight carnauba wax, and will last forever. Use it on all of your metal surfaces like the press table. A couple of thin coats is what you need.


  7. Some of the deeper holes, try either screwing in crap bolts or screws and then cutting them off flat. Even if some wallow is left, that will be that much less for the JB to have to fill. And give you an overall stronger piece. Even crap ball bearings or broken chunks of bearings, as long as you can file any high spots, will work.

    Or, if you have some crap welding stick, clean up the piece and slag some filler in them. Or a combo of chunks, weld/solder/braze and JB. Anything will be better than just JB Weld.

    Man, somebody beat an ugly dog with that thing, didn’t they?

    Can’t wait to see what next find you drag home to frighten the neighbors and us with.


  8. Hacksaw blade or fine tooth pull saw (Japanese type) laid flat on the drill press plate and you can quickly remove most of the excess center gunk, then sand the whole thing flat or use a scraper blade.

    The wax paper trick has served me well for this kind of repair and also re-attaching wallpaper that comes loose at seams by putting wall paste under each side that is curling up, running the squeegee once or twice then putting wax paper and a very straight flat board against seam with a nice heavy post leaning on it to keep the wood flat to the wall. Once it dries remove wood, peel off the wax paper and give it a wipe or two with a damp sponge. Sucker has not come unglued since = happy(er) wife..


  9. Rose must have the same character flaw….. she refuses to throw ME away, thinking I can be somehow fixed, and be of some use still….


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