Thanks Again STXAR!

You will recall the extremely generous fellow who sent me all the tools and supplies last month out of the goodness of his heart. Well, he also turned me on to another Blog and I just got through scrolling through and reading dozens of posts that interested me.

All the way to the very first post back in 2011

Interest may be understated. More like fascinated maybe.

This guy is a lot like me in some ways. He has a huge variety of interests but his entire blog is a chronicle of his exploits dragging home rusty and broken machinery and tools and then cleaning, fixing and repairing them to work again.

From flea market ratchets to full blown vintage mills, lathes and metal saws.

It is amazing all of the different things this guy can fix!

I am putting him on my Blogroll so I can keep up with his latest adventures because we share the same mental illness that causes us to spend inordinate amounts of time, money and effort dragging home what most people would consider junk and making it functional and valuable again.

He has me out classed by a factor of ten with his knowledge, space and tooling but we share the same passion for old machinery and tools for sure.

I very rarely post about other peoples blogs but this one is going to be an exception.

A Blog Devoted to my Many Hobbies

You won’t be disappointed if you spend some time looking at some of the things this gentleman has done.


12 thoughts on “Thanks Again STXAR!

    • I was astounded at how much he has accomplished.
      He says it’s just a hobby too!
      Here it’s taking me two months to finish up a simple drill press…..


    • I was thinking the same thing but since I work this weird shift and don’t get home until one thirty in the morning it makes it almost impossible to do much after work and then I don’t get to bed until like 4 AM so I don’t wake up with much time to do anything either.
      I spend a lot of time on the net because of it and have to try to make up for it on weekends even though I am beat from working ten hour days.
      Even with all of that, I still manage to make my little messes and get a few things done.


      • That was the huge problem that I had with 2nd shift. I worked 2-10pm normally, but usually had overtime, and didn’t get out some days until 3am. So I got to bed at the earliest at 4am, would sleep until noon, and suddenly, it was almost time to go to work again.
        Even when I got out at 10pm, I would get home, grab a bite to eat, and then dick around and still not get to bed until the wee hours of the morning. Lather, rinse, and repeat.
        I went over to the blog you recommended, by the way. So many hobbies. What a cool blog. I find myself with a similar problem as most people. I have too many hobbies, and can’t afford to do them all. So I try to grab one, and hang on and ride it for all I am worth. Then I will take a break from that one, and head to the next one for awhile.
        I am a musician, so I like to mess around with that. I don’t play for money anymore, just to annoy the neighbors and my wife. I also am a ham radio operator, ever since 1972, when I was 12, and I will mess around with that sometimes. Then, I also like to shoot guns, and have just about finished a rebuild of a Spanish Mauser, converted to .308 caliber.
        There are other things as well, but those are the ones that I prefer to spend most of my time or money on. I am retired on a medical disability, I have both a back that I broke at age 20, plus I also fight near daily migraine headaches. Those come from both a family history, and way too many concussions playing football in my high school days. Now, I would never be allowed to play, since I got at least 5 serious ones in the 4 years of high school. But things were different back then. And I did love the sport. Now, sports for me are a waste of my time. I am talking about watching them on the idiot box. I would rather play music, or take a nap.
        I have played nearly every musical instrument at one time or another. But now, mostly just a guitar, since the migraine headaches make things like the saxophone, which I played for money, are just too hard to do, without triggering a migraine.
        I also love your blog, and the projects you do. Sometimes, I don’t understand quite what you are doing, and have to step back and figure it out. Unfortunately, my dad was not handy, and so I had to learn how to both use tools and fix things, on my own. My dad was the shade tree mechanic type, who would use coat hangers to fix an exhausted exhaust. I learned that for a couple bucks, you can buy the hanger, and have it hold for ever, or at least a lot longer than just a wire hanger.
        Don’t even get me started on cheap tools. My dad also was the type who didn’t spend the money on good tools, and so ended up buying them again and again, until he got older, and learned.
        Sorry for the long post, I just had a lot to try and say, and I tend to be long winded. Have a Merry Christmas, and wishing you and yours safety during the winter days and nights.


  1. There are more of us out there? The Earth is doomed… but, with all of our old tech knowledge we will bring back western civilization. It just won’t have smart phones.


  2. Yay, more machine rebuilds. Now I can live my life vicariously through more people. Add to that school bus conversion sites and my life is complete.

    All I need is to find someone who has converted a school bus into a full machine shop with rebuilt and rehabbed tools, I could sleep a happy man.

    Hmmm… now I wonder….


    • It can be done. I have seen old WWII pictures of military mobile machine shops in the back of covered trucks.
      I have even see pictures of gas powered lathes built onto the tailgates of station wagons.
      Better get busy…….


      • I saw last year a 5 tonner that used to be a mobile repair shop, from the 50’s. Just the shell, only, no tools, darned it.

        There’s one guy who does Civ War and has a whole machine and wood shop mounted on a wagon, some foot powered, some powered by a little steam engine. Would kill for that setup.


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