It Was Worse Than I Thought But Is Getting Better

A little update on the drill press table status. First, a little recap of what I am working with here.

This is what it looked like shortly after I started in on it.

I had forgotten just how ugly it was.


After the initial rust removal.


Yesterday, after the first attempt.

IMG_20181214_141152 (1)

Last night after a quick sanding and another application and a skin coat.


Just a few minutes ago.




Somebody just flat fucking abused this plate.


The Arc De Idiotte on the far side is much, much better. The side closest here is going to need at least one more coat and that big fucked up hole in the middle is going to be a challenge.

I have a couple of ideas and you are going to love one I thought of.

I am going to need something to stick in that hole to be able to pour the epoxy around, that won’t stick to it so I can get it back out.

I pondered on that for some time yesterday. The first thought I had, was something like medicine bottle that I could just break out when it was dry. Then I thought maybe a wooden dowel, with a rubber on it, covered with Vaseline.

The epoxy shouldn’t stick to the Vaseline, the rubber should just peel out and off the dowel. Should work, right?

(Cue the sick jokes here you bastards. I know they are coming and will be disappointed if I don’t see several after teeing up such a softball like that.)

None of these three items I have on hand though.

Then the thought of what it would look like plopping those three items down on the counter at the local BiMart would look like and I thought , maybe no after all.

I ain’t making two or even three stops to get that stuff either.

Then I thought maybe getting a cast iron piece of bar stock and turning it to a slight press fit, getting it in the hole good and flush, epoxying around it and then just drill it back out.

A lot of work in other words.

I’m still trying to figure out what I am going to plug that hole up with either way.

It took overnight for that epoxy to cure up enough to be able to start sanding on it so I am going to go mix up another batch and get it on there so I can semi finish this little project tomorrow.

All in all, I am going to say that this is a very viable fix for this kind of problem in case you run into something like this in the future.

If I was of a mind to, a quick coat of paint on it and you wouldn’t even know that it had been repaired when I get finished finally.

25 thoughts on “It Was Worse Than I Thought But Is Getting Better

  1. Floor wax. Smear a coat on whatever you need to keep the glue from adhering the buff it off and apply a second coat and buff again. If you’re still worried a layer of masking tape then wax over that. I have used epoxy to bed more rifles than I can count. There are spray on release compounds but good old floor wax is reliable and a can will last a lifetime.

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  2. A light coating of silicone grease/spray or some Vaseline will also work. Done it many times when pulling a fiberglass mold from a car part I was going to duplicate.

    JB Weld is the greatest! That stuff cures hard as a rock, and your repair looks great.

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    • Thank you also, I had thought of the Vaseline but not the wax or silicone.
      I gave the cured part the old thumbnail test and that stuff is freakin’ hard man. This oughtta work fine.


  3. A guy on the GarageJournal forums did a really extensive repair like yours for each hole by drilling, tapping, filling the result with a bolt, then cutting the bolt off flush. Quick touchup with a sanding disk and it looked almost fully stock. He did use permanent locktite or possibly peened the bolts, I’m not sure anymore.

    If the JB pops out or isn’t durable enough, give it a shot….

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    • It’s a fifty dollar drill press.
      This will serve my purposes just fine.
      If it doesn’t work for some unforeseen reason then I’m gonna be scouring EBay for either the correct one or something I can bolt on.
      I would actually really like to have a bigger one anyway.


  4. The wax thought is best solution, I just use wax paper wrapped around the bottle or wooden dowel as a form, once set, just remove the form and peel out the paper, if any of it sticks just scrape if off..


  5. I saw a repair where the guy used springs in a welder to rebuild a totally boshed anvil. Springs and needles from needle bearings. He took a mangled piece of junk and turned it into a great piece.

    Of course, it was very time-consuming.

    So, well, JB Weld will work…


  6. I don’t understand the reason for filling in the gouges. I can see trying to fix the center hole if it is a fixture holder, otherwise why bother? That plate is used to mount a vise or fixture, and those normally don’t require a perfect surface. Flat, yes, that is important, but that takes a file to knock down any high spots so things don’t rock. Lot of work for cosmetic reasons. Looked okay with the rust removed. Functional first. Looking pretty is optional. You’re not running air bearings on that surface.


    • The main reason is that it looks like absolute shit and I don’t want anyone to see it and think I was the dumb motherfucker that did it.
      Also, one never knows when one may have to drill some odd shaped object that won’t fit in a vise.

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  7. Maybe use a rubber crutch tip for the fill, or a balloon. i have a mom and pop hardware store a few blocks from here with stuff like that. That and a bit of floor wax. We used floor wax on the deicing boots on private aircraft to help the ice pop off when they were inflated. It works pretty well for that.



  8. Looking at it, if I was doing it I woulld find some imc, probably get a small piece at an electric supply house for nothing, that fit the hole, jb around it , grind it even and call it done, only lose a 1/4 in size for center


  9. sure it’s cast iron, and not cast steel? If it’s steel, bring it over and we will weld it up and machine it back flat. Even if it’s iron we can do that.


  10. True story, way back when the earth cooled, I was the engineer in charge of the Model Shop. We would design and make all the welding fixtures used in production. We needed a new Drill Press and I got the company owner to buy a brand new Clausing Variable Speed floor standing version. $2800 bucks, when bucks were bucks. So I’m sitting in my office running some FEA’s on a new design when I feel and hear the floor under my feet take on a very rhythmic vibration. Only happens when you are cutting cast iron. I go screaming out of my office and down to the model shop to see the retarded stepson of the owner drilling into the support plate. I yell at him to stop drilling into the plate (the moron is making the virgin hole). He tells me to FO as he owns the drill press and I can take it up with his Dad. I just walk away. Later they gave him the job of filling the candy machines (effed that up too). He’s still there, doing his Fredo impersonation.



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