I’ve Got My List And I’m Checking It Twice

The Wifely Unit really gets into this Christmas bullshit.

It makes me crazy.

I can’t just tell her what I want for Christmas, oh no no no no no.

That’s too fucking easy.

I gotta make A List so she can pick something off of it and surprise me.

So I sent her an email with a picture of Harbor Freights POS 20 ton press along with a link.


Normally around $185-$200, they have a coupon and she could get it for about $140.

I bought one of these for an outfit that I used to work for and I can tell you from experience that 20 tons is an EXTREMELY optimistic rating on these things.

The hydraulic jack may be rated for it but that frame sure as FUCK isn’t.

I actually bent the top cross bar on it trying to press a damn bearing off of a shaft and those spindly little Chinesium angle iron  feet are the very first thing that have to be upgraded because they want to fold up and then the damn thing wants to tip over.

But hey, it would be nice to have for those occasional jobs and the footprint is small enough that I could tuck it away somewhere.

I seriously have my doubts that is what she is going to get me because

A, they are big and heavy, especially in the box they come in and

B, she has to stuff whatever she gets into the trunk of a fucking Ford Focus and then get it back out.

So that one is a stretch.

Not to be discouraged though, I just sent her this too,

band saw

A little 9 inch band saw could be handy and this one is exactly the same one that some major brand names sell with a different sticker on it. They have really good reviews and it would be interesting to see how long it takes for me to fuck it all up.

Because I know me.

Then just for shits and grins, I sent her this one.


That old Walk Behind tractor occasionally calls my name as it quietly rusts away out in the garden shed. This should be a direct bolt on and even if it isn’t, shouldn’t be too hard to make fit.

Another long shot.

So I finally had mercy on the poor girl and sent her this one,


A 20 volt Hammer/Drill.

These also have pretty good reviews and the 20 year old Ryobi 18 volt set that I have is in need of replacement finally. I actually smoked the drill a couple of years ago but lucked out and found a brand new one in a bin at Home depot for $20. Just the drill motor.

The switch has a bad spot in it though and is a PITA.

Harbor Freight has greatly improved a couple of entire lines of their power tools and these are supposed to be as good or better than the DeWalt one.

Last year I went through hell buying  new batteries for the Ryobi set because I couldn’t find the old style then had to go back and buy a new fucking charger for them too.  I now have $150 sunk into that. More than one person left the suggestion that you can get the old style on EBay all damn day long but I didn’t even think about that until the deed was done.

I think I have a Son In Law who could use the Ryobi stuff and then I would have the excuse I need to go buy other new shit.

It’s all in the timing and presentation baby.

My Master Plan is coming along nicely.


21 thoughts on “I’ve Got My List And I’m Checking It Twice

  1. I was going to purchase a bench top press from Baileigh or Dake but with freight these are stupid expensive so went with almost the exact same from Northern Tool (on sale last year) with freight included at the time for around $250, currently they are a bit more https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200641793_200641793 Went together fine, really had to torque down the gauge as it uses a plastic seal on two flat seats. Gauge says it gets to 10 tons and it deformed a 3/4″ steel plate so it likely is putting out that much force.

    All are from China, including the expensive ones. If they look alike, they probably are with the only difference being the color and fit and finish being a bit nicer.

    Rough visually works just as well as shiny so long as the piston is the same.

    Those presses that use a jack are no good, have destroyed two as they don’t hold the ram steady, wobble too much over the work piece..


  2. Aww… at first glance (those pics on my cellphone‘s reader are really small) I thought you were posting pictures of Guillotines.
    Maybe this mistake of mine was due to the revolutionary whiff spreading from France 😂


  3. Man, you are easy to buy for. Make it industrial and you are satisfied. If I didn’t have a swinging dick I’d marry you as you are easy and cheap.


    • You two are killin’ me here, insulting my manhood like that.
      Remember what my biggest gripe is?
      Trust me, if I had the shop I really want, the only toys in it would have engines in them.
      Big ones.
      A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do and if these Chinesium wannabe miniatures is all I got room for then that’s what I’m gonna get. For now.


  4. she wont get the press. But if she gets the band saw you can custom cut you some T bone and pork chops when a good sale pops up and the meat dept. wont do custom cuts. just have a spare meat only blade.


    • Bubba my man, how the hell have you been?
      There’s a lot of people wondering what you have been up to, including myself.
      If you catch this, Merry Christmas to ya.
      Ya must have missed my post where I scored the new Bobcat tires to put on the damn thing. I am going to have to make wheel adapters but they were free so that was a monster score.
      I ain’t forgot the damn thing, I just have seven hundred and forty two other projects in front of it.
      You know how it is.


  5. I was gonna show you one I found on Amazon, its air over hydraulic, but it appears that I can’t post photos, don’t know if’s it me or this damn computer. Been kissing up over a month, but I’ll probably get a bottle and some new drawers, which ain’t bad either.


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