One Step Closer


I got my metric T nuts in the mail yesterday and they fit the new drill press just like they should.
Now I have to go find some Grade 8, 8mm X 1.25 All Thread so I can cut some different lengths up and also get some nuts with the integral washers too. Of course the JB Weld trick hasn’t gotten done yet either.
I have some damn Christmas party I have to attend Saturday I think so that is going to fuck my weekend up and I now have a list from The Wifely Unit of what she wants for Christmas, finally. Been bugging her for two fucking weeks.

That means I am going to go have to deal with the crowds.
It doesn’t matter where in the fuck you try to go to this time of year, there is a fucking crowd there.
Back when I was drinking I didn’t much give a fuck about it, I just stumbled along in my own little world.
Ain’t that way now.
Not to mention ya gotta constantly be watching for crazies now too.
Miserable fucking shit.
I’m gonna do some homework here on the laptop before I even step foot outside first this time though.
I’ll get the list, find out where all this shit is, get an idea of where and how I gotta go to get the stuff and then plan it for one fell swoop of a scavenger hunt kinda deal.
I’m a guy.
Get in, get what the hell you came for and get out.
It is, The Way.
The Way of Men and modern shopping.

That shit might be funny but it ain’t no joke.

That is exactly how I shop.

9 thoughts on “One Step Closer

  1. Hear, hear! I too hate shopping with a woman. A valuable waste of time and energy. And the asswipe stores that have people spray you with stinky shit when you enter the door. I slugged a faggot looking guy for spraying some fuck awful bear repellent on me with out my permission. At least I didn’t get arrested cause he sprayed me, a technical assault said the cop…


  2. Just came back from shopping. I needed two items. Found them and put them in my lovely wife’s cart in about 5 minutes. Then I went to the car and read a book for two hours while she finished up.


  3. Why did you make the two right angle turns? The map indicates you could have proceeded from the door to the pants in a straight line. You rack a disiprin grasshopper!

    Seriously though, I’m the same way, even in the hardware/tool stores. In and right back out with only what I went in for.


    • Actually, hardware stores are my one real weakness.
      If I have to go to one to get something, I will wander around a bit looking at stuff, trying to jog my memory to see if there isn’t something else I am going to need in the near future or am getting low on.


      • Heh! I hear ya. I broke myself of that habit by reminding myself that is how a woman shops. Worked pretty good although the urge is still there. Cheers Phil! Love your site!


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