Scares Me Every Time



I didn’t get fuck all done all weekend. I spent all day Friday running my ass off, Saturday we had a little Christmas party for our kids because some of them could only make it this weekend.

Sunday I didn’t do shit other than run up to Wally World and get a couple of things.

I did manage to get rid of a bunch of tools and shit Saturday. I gave my boy and Son In Law enough shit to at least fill up the trunk of a car.

I’m sure I will be looking for some of it later because I gave the SIL some stuff that I have had for over twenty years.

That’s a good thing.

Almost all of it was wood working tools that I don’t use anyway and he is doing some for home repairs and doesn’t have a lot of extra money for that kind of shit. I gave him a worm drive saw and a whole bunch of other stuff he didn’t have.

I finally gave my boy that other drill press too. I also gave him the Harbor Freight drill press vise and some C clamps to hold it down with.

The best part of that is I actually have an empty drawer or two in a small old roll away temporarily.

I’ll be filling that fucker right back up with other shit that is laying around in my way.

I also managed to take a damn nap 3 days in a row, twice on Friday.

I’m going to bed right now as a matter of fact, it’s 3 AM.

Y’all have a good day now.

2 thoughts on “Scares Me Every Time

  1. Can you adopt me? I may be an old white guy, but I can make a great mess of eggs and potatoes for breakfast. Man, if you are in the giving mood…….



  2. I like naps, but there must be some rule that states someone taking a nap should be disturbed as often as possible. So, I have few naps on the weekend, and when the sun goes down, and they role up the sidewalks, I’m supposed to feel like some Neanderthal, because I’m yawning at 6:00 in the evening.

    Oh well, they make scotch to put a damper on the anger. That, and alarm clocks to hide in various spots to waken those that sleep past the time I get up to go to work.


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