7 thoughts on “Just Like Back In The Day

  1. Mom’s old 73 LTD was the best donut car I ever drove. The best reverse 180, pavement or dirt was the 74 Fury I drove in college. That was a great car. It handled like a go cart with a 360 in it. It wasn’t too quick, but it was fast. You could bury the speedo. Don’t try ANY of that with a 74 Olds 98. Rear seals and bearings are needed after a couple of reverse 180s. And those are mounted on the axles. yuk. I drove a Honda Civic (70’s model) once. Romped on the gas, and the steering wheel about ripped out of my hands. I still despise front wheel drive. It doesn’t respond the way I learned to drive. It feels like a nervous horse to me. Great gif btw.

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    • I had a 72 LTD once and also a 74. The 74 was an aircraft carrier. My friends called it The Couch because it was like sitting on your couch in the living room when you were doing 80 down the freeway.
      I absolutely loved the 72 though. One of the best, affordable Road Cars ever built.
      My Dad had a 72 Plymouth as a business car. That thing was wicked fast.
      To me, that era was about the pinnacle of automotive excellence.
      Sure, they had their issues but they were reliable enough, comfortable,had plenty of room, fun to drive and had more than enough horsepower.
      They also had all of the creature comforts one could need except maybe intermittent wipers. That was one of the greatest inventions ever.

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      • One of my best buds in high school drove his dad’s 72 LTD. It was a rocket. Ours had a small block 400, his had a 351 (Cleveland)? We “found” some old fire extinguishers, one of them somehow went off in the car… We drove up and down main holding the doors open trying to blow all that dust out of the car…. What a crazy Friday night….

        When I got married, we were given a 76 LTD. 351M, yellow…. It got the nickname Banana Boat. I had 2 102″ whips on it, tied down like Andy Griffith’s sheriff car. It was a hoot. We packed college kids in there by the ton. Finally had to say adios when the compression was just about done. I still miss those land yachts. Good stuff man.


    • late 60s early 70s toronado has fwd but zero torque steer when hammered hard. literally claws it way around corners. love big block oldsmobiles torque. massive.


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