Start Paying Attention To What Is Going On In France

It’s one thirty in the morning here, ten thirty or so in the morning in Paris and shit is going on over there.

These Yellow Jacket protests are going full blast and they are just getting started today.

I have been watching a Live Feed on Youtube and the tear gas has already been blowing in the wind.

I’m hearing there are 8,000 police officers in Paris, they have streets blocked off and have seen that they have the Arc De Triumphe encircled with police vans.

On the Yellow Jacket team, I am hearing early estimates of 20,000  protesters with more on the way.

There have already been several skirmishes and as I type, I am jumping back and forth between here and the live feed. Right now there are protesters picking up tear gas cannisters and throwing them back behind police lines.

This has been going on for a week, French President Macron has been hiding from public comment and the people of France are pissed clear the fuck off. It started with some gas tax bullshit but has morphed into a revolt against the Macron administration and the NWO cabal behind him .

This is why it is vitally important to see what happens here, this is one front in a larger war on the NWO bastards, England is going at it with PM May still trying to drag out the BREXIT deal they voted for.

There are actually several European countries openly revolting against the Deep State agenda but right now France is the only one with active protests going on and they show no sign of slowing down.


Shit is going down , the people have had enough of the forced multiculturism and having their once thriving countries turned into 3rd world shitholes in front of their very eyes by their traitorous leaders.

Tired of seeing the elites take and take and take.

France is going to be the first major revolt against all of that and what happens there will be felt around the world.

I am very much waiting to see what goes on in Germany in the next few months also.

If you want to know how important this is, ask yourself how much coverage of this whole thing have you seen or heard about from the MSM all week.




22 thoughts on “Start Paying Attention To What Is Going On In France

  1. Rob, this link is working.

    The comment box on the right side is amusing, some of the comments are realistic, most of them are hilariously stupid.


  2. Antifa and BLM protests are in support of the deep state. Their actions are driven by anger and also by fear. Their activities were and are condoned by the government or at least the deep state government.

    The larger portion of America who see the rights of the individual being washed down the drain are more than angry. There is a component of determination within this movement that should not be ignored by the left. We managed to get Trump elected and that took more than just anger against the status quo. I tend to believe that the determination of the deplorables is more than a match for Antifa and BLM.

    The activity in France is leading to another French Revolution. The work Liberty will soon appear as a rallying cry. If they try to impeach Trump, I think the shit is going to hit the fan and it will be how the deep state reacts to this situation that will dictate the consequences. This time around, France will lead us into revolution.

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    • Well said.
      It’s looking to me like Europe in general is getting ready to throw off the shackles of globalism and reject the unfettered immigration policies of the NWO.
      Like I said, I am watching Germany now, France seems to have already reached terminal velocity.

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    • Yeah, I know. I figured it was going to be a short lived thing when I posted it. I’m sure there are other feeds available if someone is interested enough to go find one.
      You can’t stop the signal in this day and age.


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