The Handiest Little Tools That I Had Never Heard Of

I was poking around EBay a couple of years ago looking for some deals on cheap tools. When you are a tool junkie like I am, this is what you do at two A.M. sometimes when there isn’t anything else to do.
I can’t remember where I started but somehow or another I wound up looking at cheap Chinesium needle file sets.
Back then you could get them dirt cheap, maybe three or four bucks a set and free shipping.
I was scrolling down a page when all of a sudden these weird looking needle file sets started popping up.
So I started searching for them exclusively and finally settled on a good deal and ordered a set.

When they finally showed up, I discovered the seller had screwed up and sent me two sets.
I thought about it for a second and quickly figured out that it would cost me more to send one back in shipping costs than it would to just contact the buyer, explain the mistake and pay the three bucks for the extra set. So I wound up with two sets. I gave one to a buddy at work who does a lot of our machining and, I have no idea where the set I kept wound up at because I couldn’t find them the other day even though I keep all my files in the top two drawers of one of my old Roll Away’s.
So I got back on Bay and ordered another set. Except this time, the same set costs twelve dollars with free shipping instead of three.
They showed up yesterday.


Every once in a while, these things are the shit.

I had never heard of Riffler files, most of the time they are called Jewelers files I guess.

I didn’t even know they made such a thing at the time.

This time, when I was looking for a good deal, all they had were ones that have been dipped in industrial diamonds and epoxy.

Fuck, I got to looking at them real hard and there are big CHUNKS of diamond all over them.

No thank you.

These were more expensive but they are the same set I ordered a couple of years ago. Very handy for getting old gaskets and shit out of grooves and hard to reach spots, filing curved surfaces inside and out and all kinds of hard to get at places.

I most definitely recommend getting a set if you don’t have one.

One of those Secret Weapon kind of tools you can pull out when you can’t get at something to take a burr off or to make something fit together better that has weird angles or curves on it or is in a really tight spot to get to.

4 thoughts on “The Handiest Little Tools That I Had Never Heard Of

  1. Jeweler’s files or needle files are always flat. Rifler’s like you have are the ones with the curved ends.

    And yep…they’re the kind of tool that fills a specific need, and if you need them, you need them!


  2. Big chunks of cubic Zirconium, more likely. But you are right, sometimes they are the shit. Just don’t use them too much……….


  3. Learned about these things when I was studying for my Federal Airframe & Powerplant license back in ’72
    I’ve had a set ever since.


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