Oh Baby, Oh Baby, OH BABY!!

The new vise and parallel set arrived from The Little Machine Shop.


This thing is fucking SWEET!


Extra double bonus round, those T nuts that came with it fit the old Post Drill perfectly and also fit in the slots on the Jap drill too but the casting is a bit rough on the inside edges and they won’t quite slide.

A little work with a file to smooth the rough edges out and I am in business!


The little oiler for the shaft is nice and that color is real familiar for some reason….

IMG_20180923_155650 (1)

There is one little scratch on the top but I don’t give a fuck about that.


The little parallel set is the perfect size just for the vise and came with it as a package deal. the whole deal shipped right to my front door for $175.


That is a SMOKIN” good deal for all that.

The damn vise is top quality stuff all by its self and is easily worth every penny of that even without one extra bolt.

Yeah buddy! Merry Christmas to me!

Today is my Friday so tomorrow after the Wifely Unit gets done torturing me with that fucking Christmas tree bullshit, I am going to start in on fixing the drill press plate with the JB Weld I bought last weekend.

I am finally done with the 12 hour shifts and back to the 4-10’s so I get 3 days off again.

That POS Sprite has been sitting out in the driveway all week quietly sulking and rusting away somewhere inaccessible I’m sure.

It’s been down to freezing and then some for the past few days and when I went out this morning with a cup of coffee to have a smoke the little bitch had ice all over it.




Get used to it fucker, I am really liking the extra room in the garage.

I have some more cleaning up and rearranging to do before I can bring it back inside and currently don’t give a rusty fuck if it sits outside for a few more days.

For once I am really looking forward to getting out in that garage and getting some shit done.

The little Milk Shed space heater I bought at a garage sale down the street last year for one dollar keeps it nice and toasty in there.

It’s an Old School one that actually fucking works like they are supposed to.

9 thoughts on “Oh Baby, Oh Baby, OH BABY!!

  1. Phil, if you can stand the loudmouth YouTube presenter, go take a look at these new tools for 2019, some like the metal cutting blade are fantastic, have ordered one for my chop saw.


  2. First, nice score on the new equipment. 2nd, what is a milk she’d space heater lmao?? I use a kerosene heater in the shop. Mostly does the job, unless it gets way down.


  3. I knew a guy who swapped a 327 Chevy and Powerglide into a bug-eyed Sprite (with a narrowed Chevy differential of some kind). I bet it was a total handful but kind of cool…….He just chugged around in it, probably for the best…………..


  4. Good stuff! I even like the smell of that weird oilky junk they have on them. Reminds me of the cellar where I grew up, kinida musty.

    Those parallels are great, too. I can hardly wait for the pictures of the table post JB Weld. I’m really interested to see what that looks like.



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