3 thoughts on “WAZZUUUUUUUUUP?

  1. So that’s what begging for a french fry looks like at 200 MPH! Sadly window lacks a hand crank…

    Hope you are holding up Phil, those 12 hour shifts suck as everyone loses focus past 10. Been there done that, also graveyard shift doing electronics assembly work, funny how the out of spec. board counts peak at that time….


  2. I don’t think so, Tim.

    Ain’t PhotoShop wunnerful?

    Yes, hang in there, Phil. I sometimes wonder why management doesn’t get a CLUE and realize how bad productivity/accuracy fall off past 8 hours…


  3. The gull might be ‘Shopped, but with the apparent altitude and angle of attack, that gull might have been swept into a low & slow pocket of air over the wing root during takeoff. If so, with flaps up, he’s about go bye-bye. Better than a splat on the cockpit windscreen or a tour of the turbine and a great story for the chicks on the beach.



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