It Won’t Be Long Now

We’ll be seeing this kind of shit all over the place again.

I just love people who think they can drive highway speeds on ice and snow in low visibility conditions on the freeways.

So do their insurance people.

Coming soon

5 thoughts on “It Won’t Be Long Now

  1. Here (South Dakota) it isn’t bad driving in snow, most have been here all their lives they know how to drive in winter. It is the mexicans and turd worlders that get shoveled on us that don’t know how to drive in cold, snowy/icy conditions


  2. One of the biggest problems we have in MT is after a snow of a few inches. there are enougfh people on the road acting like this is a new phenomenon and the FIRST CAR will drive 10-20 MPH slower than the speed limit thereby forcing everybody else to drive that speed. It drives me nuts.


  3. The first snowfall usually separates the sheep from the goats, the sheep either end up in a body shop or the ditch. Unfortunately, they sometimes take a few of us with them.

    Morons, morons everywhere, lots of Driver Licenses to be found in boxes of Cracker Jacks…


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