That Will Have To Do For Now

Sometimes I wonder where all this energy I seem to have comes from.

I figure most of it is caffeine because I guzzle large quantities of liquid products chock full of that shit. People freak out when I tell them how much.

Oh my God, your going to have a heart attack!

More than likely, someday.

That shit runs in my family on both sides.

I just explain to them while too much caffeine may give you the shakes, I prefer to go straight to vibrate.

What the fuck, I drank enough booze in my time to kill a mere mortal, twice.

There is no such thing as moderation the way I see it.

It’s like my Dad used to say,  a little is good, more is better and too much is just right.

So while I was riding the Coffee/Monster Express, I got some more shit done today.


I finished cleaning all the damn rust off of that column.

That, was a work out.

I started with the Scotchbrite and that was working good, until I got close to the bottom.

Then I started busting my knuckles.

Fuck that, get the power tools.

I stuck a wire wheel in the cordless drill and went after that fucker boys.

I took the rack for the lifting mechanism over to the bench grinder with two wire wheels on it and got that bit of fun done in just a few minutes.

I put it back on and then lifted the table all the way up to finish the bottom of the column and that round flange.


Much, better.


I still have one more little chore to do, I’ll give you one guess.


I also had a couple of…. disappointments.

The first one was when I tried to use that new clamping kit I was bragging about getting such a good deal on.

A total lack of homework and stupidity on my part.

I just assumed that the 1/2 inch T nuts would fit in a drill press plate that big.

Uhm, I completely forgot all about that “Made In Japan” thing.

Ayep, the fucking slots are 10 millimeter.

Even worse, they don’t fit the slots on the old post drill either, those are 7/16’s.


So I got back on EBay and did some searching. Those little T nuts ain’t cheap I see right away.

I did some comparison shopping and some figuring in my head and finally ordered a dozen of the little fuckers out of Calcutta or some fucking place over in India. Some places wanted damn near five bucks apiece for them, I got a dozen for like $24.99 and free shipping.

The plan, (ya gotta love me having any kind of plan in the first place) is  to get those here in hand and then run up to a decent hardware store and get a bunch of Grade 8, 8MM all thread, make my own studs in varying lengths and then use the steps and bridges out of the kit anyway. A few hardened nuts and washers ought to finish that off.

The post drill plate is small enough in diameter that I can just use C clamps and such.

I just bought a bunch of those in small to medium sizes last month and finally got around to taking the stickers off and putting them away today while I was out there.

For a few brief and noteworthy minutes, I could actually see, the top of my work bench today.

Of course that was fleeting and it’s all fucked up again as I type.

It’s amazing how much room that damn little piece of shit car takes up out there and how much more room to work in there is when it’s outside. makes me want to get serious about getting rid of the fucking monstrosity. Unfortunately Winter is just around the corner and that prick bastard will have to wait, some more.

Eventually I am going to bite the bullet and take the loss.

It’s all going at once too. Every single nut, bolt, clip, spring, fender, door, transmission engine and any other spare part I have hoarded in the last 30 years.

I’m going to make some dumb bastard a deal they can’t refuse and then pray for forgiveness for unleashing that nightmare on the unsuspecting fool.

The other disappointment came when I stuck that new drill chuck STxAR over at Budget Machining gave me on the new Morse taper adapter I got off EBay and then put it in the drill spindle. It fit in there nice. It wouldn’t come back out with the wedge.

The end that goes up in the spindle has a threaded hole in it and not a tang and then of course it didn’t want to come out because the end wasn’t sticking up far enough for the wedge to catch it. Now I know how all the hammer marks got put in the spindle. Fortunately I am quite a bit smarter than whoever that jackass was and just used the edge of a soft drift and a little bitty hammer to catch the ledge where the two tapers meet and it came right out.

I have already ordered a new one of those with a tang and the one I have now, very fortunately, fits the spindle on the mini lathe. I will be able to use that in the future most definitely so it is all going to come out in the wash.

I also sorted through a bunch of crap and got rid of some boxes. I love getting rid of boxes out there. Every box that goes away means just that much more space to maneuver in.

Right now the Sprite is still outside, I still have about seven feet of 2X12 sitting on sawhorses where it is usually parked plus some other crap that I need to find a place for.

Maybe tomorrow.

Maybe not.

I ain’t in no hurry for that fucker to be right back in my way at the moment.

4 thoughts on “That Will Have To Do For Now

  1. Did you do some surfing on the SHARS link I sent you? Yes it’s imported. Yes it’s cheap. But the stuff works if you know and accept what you’re buying and trying to accomplish. You can get a whole set of 3/8 hold downs and 7/16 tee nuts for 29.00. Just sayin 😬😬


  2. Crap. I gave you the wrong link. I saw that one and the one with the tang. Sorry about that. I absolutely HATE giving folks wrong info. If you need some more tee nuts, I can make ’em by the foot. Just let me know the size you need.


    • Like I said, I’ll be able to use that on the mini lathe anyway so it’s all good.
      I appreciate the offer but I probably only need 4 of the dang things and it’s not worth the hassle. I’ll pick some up and call it good.


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