Holy fuck am I beat.

I was so wore out last night at the end of my shift that I literally had the thousand yard stare going on with just a couple of minutes to go before it was time to punch out.

I was just standing there, staring at a wall with my mind wandering wherever it wanted to go.

That is why I hate working those 12 hour shifts. A guy gets real tired like that and stupid mistakes get made. Ya turn into a safety hazard.

My motherfucking phone is already turned off and I am going out in the garage later and fucking off all damn day on shit that I want to do.

Y’ll have a nice day now, I have new toys to play with.

4 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. I still remember back in the day working seven twelves at the shipyard, for three months straight. That on top of an hour commute both ways, and a mandatory lunch. Learned to drive a desk after that shit.


  2. I’m getting lucky too…
    No, not that way. Pretty sure the wife wants nothing to do with me.
    Anyhow, they switched me from nights to days the other day. Worked off at 6am, stumbled about all day like a zombie getting as much done as possible. Even managed to bury the tractor in mud. Still too wet to be doing what I need to get done. Into bed around 10pm. Up for work at 4am. Now even luckier, one section of the plant is having a down turn so they’re shuffling guys around to give us working fuckers some time off. Must be my Christmas present as I’m getting two days off after this last hr shift. Woohoo! two days to work 18 hrs at home per day and if I’m lucky some hunting. Then, back to the drag. But hey, you never know when the next economic downturn is going to be, or if it’s going to be the big one. So, work as much as possible, get as much done as I can to get ready. Especially since it really does seem that we’ll all be shooting at each other soon.


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