Merry Christmas, To ME!

The Wifely Unit pretty much refuses to order anything for Christmas.

Hand her a laundry list of shit she can go running around locally to get and she is happy.

I just ran across this little gem and told her that is what I want for Christmas.

It’s a smoking good deal too.

Oh No.

Not ordering anything.

“Make a list of alternatives”:.

But this is what I want dear.

Several minutes pass.


“OK, you order that for yourself”.


It’s on it’s way as I type.

milling vise

3″ Precision Milling Vise Plus Parallels and Mounting Kit


Price: $129.95 + $31.10 shipping

Specifications for this item
Part Number 3969
Number of Items 1
Measurement System Inch
Brand Name
Item Weight 23.5  pounds
Material Steel
Model Number LMS3969

Add in the obligatory State government goons reaching into my back pocket and the whole show came to $175, delivered to my front door.

Now I’m going to give her that little laundry list she wants.

A butt load of the stupid little consumables I go through out in that garage on a regular basis.

That shit adds up after a while so I am going to put multiples of each on it.

Now my problem is prying what she wants out of her.

Every year it’s the same thing.

“I Don’t Know.”

I’ll bet Amazon sells that too.


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