4 thoughts on “Darwin Fires A Warning Shot

  1. Heh.
    I’m fixing to head to work for a 12, get off at 6am (Tuesday morning), Must be back at work by 6am Wednesday morning for another endless series of 12’s.
    I get a day off!
    Just to prove I don’t have to work all the time.


  2. Damnit, I fumble fingered the buttons on my phone and accidentally marked a comment as Spam. I’ll have to fix it when I get home. Dude, I don’t know how you do it. There are limits to how many twelve hour shifts anyone can work consecutively.


    • This last bunch was something to the tune of 35 days or so, give/take.
      Going to days. Hate days in the winter. Dark all the time. Nights I can head out back and go hunting for an hour or two, wake the kids up, do something outside, see the kids get home from school, etc. Not so much during days.
      Since I moved South about 2 decades ago, I haven’t had a job that didn’t work me less than a 10.


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