An Incredible Act of Kindness From A Reader Of This Blog

I am just stunned.

I have been sitting here for twenty minutes trying to find the right words in response to this gift and so far they are eluding me.

Thank You just seems so inadequate sometimes.

This is one of those times.

Reader and fellow Blogger  from Budget Machining dropped me a line the other day and offered to send me a couple of “extra” goodies he had laying around.

You should go check his site out, I like his style and the way he writes too.

It all started after I posted about getting the drill press going and he mentioned that he had an extra chuck laying around.

He boxed up these goodies into two boxes because they wouldn’t fit in one easily, went to the Post Office, paid for the shipping and all and then let me know it was on the way. He even sent the tracking number and shortly after I started getting Emails from the Postal service informing me of every arrival and departure time  clear from Texas to my mailbox out on the street.

The packages arrived earlier today and I went out and had to get in a separate parcel delivery box to get them out.

I brought them in the house, sat down dug out my folding razor knife to get through the packaging tape and started pulling things out.

No joke, I can point to several Christmas days that pale in comparison.

I am actually still in a state of shock over his incredible generosity. The more I unpacked, the more there was underneath.

It just kept coming.

I sent him an Email and thanked him profusely but like I said above, sometimes thank you just seems like it falls short of the emotions behind the words.

I almost choked up when I saw some of this.


These Flap Discs were in a separate box all by themselves.

Then I started in on the big box,


I freakin’ LOVE those red ScotchBrite pads and haven’t been able to find them locally.

Electrical and Splicing tape too.


Hemostats are handy as hell too.

Then it got really good,






It took every ounce of self control I could command to keep from squealing like a girl when I saw those two.

Then there was this tube with more ScotchBrite stuffed in one end. it was kind of heavy and I knew what else was in it.


Nice shot of my tenny runners there..

The thing that had started it all in motion.

The  spare chuck.

A Big One.

He wasn’t kidding either.

It’s a beauty too.

IMG_20181124_170348 (1)




I am going to have to find a 3 to 2 MT tapered adapter but that should be easy either on Amazon or Ebay. I’m pretty sure I have a key for it already but if not that won’t be hard to come by either.

Maybe now you see why I am still grasping at the enormity of this generosity from someone who doesn’t know me from Adam, yet thinks enough of what I write about to send me all of this awesomeness and then pay for the shipping out of his own pocket.

I am humbled beyond expression.


Thank you again sir, as I wrote to you earlier, I will absolutely treasure these for the rest of my life.



10 thoughts on “An Incredible Act of Kindness From A Reader Of This Blog

  1. Damn better then Christmas! Only a guy knows what a guy really wants… Congrats Phil and way to step up STxAR! A start of a long and beautiful bromance…


  2. Sweet! The thought alone is precious.
    Lot of paying it forward going on.
    I think a zeitgeist is happening.
    This kind of shit makes us all richer for it.


  3. I am impressed by STxAR’s generosity, but not really surprised. There are still a lot of really good people out there. It’s just that all we ever hear about is the scum of the world. The kind of person who reads blogs like yours, and his, are probably old school types, who would give their last dime to a person in worse shape than themselves. Well done, STxAR, well done, indeed. I have no doubt that your parents, if they are living, are impressed as well. Wow. Just Wow.


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