First Accessory Just Ordered

Gotta love that Harbor Freight outfit.

If you are old enough to remember when some outfit called SEARS used to send everyone this giant paper catalog back in the day that everyone called The Wishbook because they wished they could afford some of the goodies printed on the page, the Harbor Freight website is exactly the same thing for me now.


Trust me when I say, I have a YUGE wishlist too.

Number one on that list is having a permanent place to live with a shop big enough to hold all the things on my wish list.

Seeings as I don’t see that happening anytime soon, in the mean time, I do what I can with what I got.

Anyways, back to Harbor Freight.

Whenever there is something that I am wanting machine/tool wise, I try to do some serious shopping around, for two reasons.

1, I’m a cheap bastard, like everyone else.

2. I don’t have unlimited funds, like everyone else.

So I will scour the Harbor Freight website, check Ebay, Craigslist, Offer Up and ask around to see if anybody has what I am looking for, cheap.

In other words, I do some homework before I throw down the bank card.

Point in case, I just ordered a Clamp Down Kit from good old Harbor Freight, but not before doing some checking and avoiding a good fucking first.

They have a 42 piece Clamping kit that they want $69.99 for. It has decent reviews.

Add shipping and sales tax to that, about another $10 give or take, in other words, $70.00

Well if you are paying attention, on the sidebar of that very same advertisement, they also offer a 58 piece kit, for $49.99. After digging a bit, I found a 20% off coupon which knocks that down to $39.99.

With tax and shipping, pretty much $50.

So, 16 more pieces in the kit, for $20 less.

HMM. Decisions, decisions…..

I think I’ll take that one instead.

clamping kit


Anybody else I have looked at wants a hell of a lot more money than that for something comparable, even used. Like over a hundred bucks. Some WAY over a hundred bucks.

These will be adequate for my current needs.

I don’t know exactly when it is going to show up but that’s OK, I have some shit here I can use in the mean time.

Next is going to be a decent vise and a set of parallels.


I have been price shopping the shit out of a set of those for months now.

That is going to be very interesting because I have literally found HUNDREDS of different offerings in multiple places.

One thing at a time though.


18 thoughts on “First Accessory Just Ordered

  1. The good thing about stuff like the clamping set and the parallels is that if you don’t run a cutter into them, they last forever. Expendables are things like drill bits and end mills. Cutters.

    On the other hand, I do stupid shit like drive my edge finder into the work instead of away from it and break it. Then I broke my “emergency backup”.


  2. Phil, hope you didn’t make a fucking pig of yourself yesterday and pass out on the couch from a turkey coma.
    Hey if your ever interested in moving east, property and houses can be had for really reasonable bucks.
    I bought a 6 acre lot with a 1500 sqft house, hardwood floors, 3 bedroom, 9 rooms, walk in full basement, 1 car garage under house, 26 x 34 ft 2 car garage, apple trees, blueberry and black raspberry gardens. Backed up to roughly 18 square miles of Wharehouser managed timber land, on a mountain ridge with cattle farmers all around. Taxes are $247 a year, costs $375 for all the paperwork lawyers county etc. All for $46,500. Good paying jobs in mining, logging, and natural gas, experienced Mechanics, welder/fabricators, and hvy equip operators, along with related support industry make 20-45 per hour. Coal mining mild, pays 18 to 25 per hr, mild winters, growing season from Mar-Apr to Sept-Oct, killer deer and turkey hunting, Christian/family/small community rural folks.
    Best thing I have done in my life. Moved from northern NH and never looked back.
    Its like going back decades what with the culture and way of living people here got. Like when I was a kid up in cowhampshire and Maine in the 60’s.
    A true Christian Western Man’s gun culture. We have total carry here. No restrictions. No limits. No license. No permits. No nothing. Class II weapons no problem either. Just make your idiotic ATF $200 extortion payment.
    Give you an idea whats its like, County I live in is Rhode Island size, 1 Sherrif and 3 Deputies is all we got, except for a couple State Troopers who we rarely see if at all. We had some local meth heads B&Eing, stupid shit like that. Broke into my neighbors house on Christmas eve while we and half the ridge was 300 yards up the road at my best friend’s farm. A cousin called up somebody was in Tiny’s house, even tiny had her .410 ga Saiga in her pickup, did I say we are all armed?, it is a great atmosphere to live in, everyone is super polite and respectful. Well 11 of us jump in the stake side with our weapons, and just missed the fuckers by seconds, as we chased them across a cow pasture, and they jumped in a sedan come to pick them up they probably called on their mobiles. Somebody had called the law, a Deputy shows up, told us he figures it was So & So, they bust and book them, they are out that day.
    Said to us, “Now we know all you folks up here on Fletchers Ridge, your all good people, we know you do the right thing because we never have to come up here for you. Its time for you all to take care of these things yourselves.” And gave us some interesting advice of how to go about particular things. Just saying you know. Those meth heads and pillbillies aren’t a problem now.
    And mountains, far as you can see, beautiful close country, boreal rain forrest in the eastern half with millions of basically untouched forest in the hollows and ridges. Western half is mostly rich rolling farm land. We got our own local Street Outlaws. There’s a stretch of road in the national forrest. Straight as an arrow with one 90 degree dogleg turn, its a bypass road, takes the law an hour and a half to get there. The crazy drag cars they build around here. 1000hp + LS turbo cars, 4 wheel drive Caddy’s on Blowers and N0x, insane Fast & Furious Import cars, sick drag bikes, great shit. Race for hours into the early AM, not a car comes by all night.
    Defensible country. Anyone crazy enough to try to send commie death squads or antifa shit stirrers in these mountains to extend their White genocide is going to be sticking their dicks in a meat grinder.
    You would fit right in Phil. Hillbilly engineering is a way of life here. Interested, I will help you find a spread. There’s good places go up for sale regularly, they never see a real estate broker, word of mouth. One guy just sold 65 acres, 4wheel tractor and implements, about 15 acres hay field, rest in forest. Literally one of the cleanest creeks in WV along one boundary, decent hay barn, solid access road, $65 grand. You can dig your own septic if you take a 2 week course. Building permits are a formality once your up on the rural ridge lines or hollows. You can even dig your grave, and bury a loved one, has to be 48 inches deep in one spot, except on ledge, they give you 36 inches. Only need to wrap the deceased in a cotton sheet. Lot of shit like that around these parts. Barter is the economy up on the ridges. Trade everything. I get at least half a beef, a hog, and all my firewood through the welding and machine/fab shop set up in the two car garage, I give these resources free during the year. Keep a couple farmers hay equipment going so they aint caught out loosing their hay crop. I park the 3/4 ton with a gas drive up along whatever field they are haying, cooler of beer and shine, usually there’s always somebody stops by to shoot the shit and help out. I don’t even set terms for repairs. I just tell everyone, hey where neighbors and tribe, we all got to help each other. If you want to give me something, thats fine. I’m already happy cause I live with good people.
    Got it made Man. Got it made. I’m richer than I ever imagined. Master of all I purvey. 6 acres at least. Yet, with the tribe I got, that which I purvey extends out in the philosophical, and the actual, cause I got a duty to look out for my neighbors and tribe. You can’t watch everything with only 2 Mark 1 Eyeballs.
    Top that off, We, all got to stick together. We are fucked otherwise. The last hundred fifty years of relative peace in our society is not normal. Its been a good run. Nothing better. But now we got to go back to drinking from the skulls of our dead enemies. Its the way it is I reckon. Better to be a Farmer Warrior than be a Farmer in a war. Hopefully we win and get another 150 years for our children.
    There’s not enough natural resources in the metro/urban enclaves, just too many useful idiots also. Only a large die-off of the ones who aren’t self determining or ruthless alleviates that pressure on survival. Ugly brutal too. You got to get out and make tribe, build your own local meat space civil society’s that are anti-fragile. Based on the essential simple fundamentals of the great Christian Greco/Roman culture which created the West, created America, is a sure path, its patriarchy and Matriarchy out in these places. Places where if it all drops in the pot dirt people there hardly notice. Because you already live a prepared life as normal day to day. You stockpile, preserve, save, don’t waste nuthin’, make your own, raise your own, barter trade and charity always. And Faith. Faith in larger and better things than only yourself. Leave more than you take.

    I believe this is why the fuckers call us deplorable’s, and bitter clingers. We are really hard to enslave, we make really poor slaves in fact. They are gonna have to try and root us out like ticks on a hound. Not a happy proposition. Not what with all the guns we got. And we don’t fool easy either. Like Ol’ Patrick Henry, We smell a rat when there’s one sneaking around. Lord knows there more enough of them running shit into the ground.

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    • I know in my soul that I would fit right in and I would love every miute of it.
      everything I own could be stuffed into one 40 foot semi trailer and I could be done and gone inside of a month with enough money to get a place and settle in.
      I would dearly love to.
      but it ain’t gonna happen. Not only does my wife refuse to move out of this God forsaken state, she refuses to move out of this county or even across it. This county is now a bona fide suburb of Greater Portlandia with all of the Commie vermin associated with it.
      I guess it’s up to me to make my stand here as I pledged until death do us part. I can only hope that isn’t in the near future at this point.
      Given the chance, I’ll take some of ’em with me too. Fuckers.
      keep up the good fight my man, we all do what we can with what we got.

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      • Take them all who come Brother. Each of us do that we win. Guarantee it.

        I hear all what your saying, appreciate you for it, thats what makes you a real Man of The West. Glad I know you. I read your shit and feels like I’m right there busting your chops or handing you a beer.
        Thats the fucking facts right there as you say: “keep up the good fight my man, we all do what we can with what we got.”


        • Mthforge. Do you mind sharing the county name ? I’ve got 10 years or so until I retire and your area sounds great. I’ll be done with NH by then. It’s gett to be “ live free or die, but get a permit first”. Thanks

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          • I think we don’t have ten years unfortunately. Figured I had ten more to work till retirement too, if ever.
            NH is “tax free”, but the increases in property tax due to the two dirty stinking commie scumbags, margin of vote fraud Gov. Shaheen and her dirt bag lawyer, who ran their Claremont Case scam, took off with millions, left a disaster, cleared the way to economically genocide us native NewHampshirites via the fuckers creating artificial price discovery and play the market valuation shell game con, to jack up our property values beyond corrupt.

            We live on way less and have more down here. My wife says one day about 2 years back, Honey, retire. I’m like what? We don’t have enough income to live off if I quit working. She says no Love, we will make it, I just know. I got injured, and while out from work, she convinced me to go for it. My wife was right. Things worked out very well. It wouldn’t have happened up in NH.
            Folks got a certain economy of living which is a local local thing here. Different priorities, a lot more frugal and not orientated to possessing the latest model vehicles, fancy houses, dining out, how much money you got, etc. Life is orientated towards family activities, gardening, animal husbandry, hunting fishing, agrarian way of life actually to put it in more precise terms. Sunday is meeting go to Church for half of everyone. Some Churches its standing room out the doors. Serious food/culture, an entire cuisine of local raised food or unique adaptations. One niebhor put on an everything from the woods or garden barbecue, it was a great success. Not only did folks bring their favorite dishes, they brought seeds from heirloom vegetables, cuttings from roots, rhizomes, seed potatoes, it was amazing. I grew the best canning tomatoes ever had this year from seeds a lady had from she got from a family who came from Europe back in the 60’s.
            A corn that grows 10-15 ft high, has ears of thumb size pure white kernels unto 18 inches long. Old WV White Hickory. You can only plant it by hand because nobody makes a seeder with plates can handle the monster size seed corn it produces. Excellent all around corn. I’m waiting till after Christmas for some to dry out to take it down the ridge get it ground for cornbread. Grew Sourgum too, its pretty much sugar cane. Run it thru a cane press driven by a tractor ground speed PTO, big old cast iron triple roller gizmo, you get a thick pale yellow/seafoam green juice, very sweet, boil it down like Maple Syrup. You get a dark molasses looking rather caramel honey like flavor. Goes great on everything. Excellent for cooking.

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            • Mtnforge, while goat farming in Alabama I had a neighbor that would grow Sorghum and process it himself but used a couple of mules on a flywheel to press. I used to go over and help him cook it down. You are right it was great tasting on everything.

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              • I’m tellin’ ya, the more you describe it, the more that I know I would fit right in, it’s like the place is cryin’ my name in the night. Unfortunately, I am Proper Fucked and stuck here. I just wish I could get out to the Northern Edge of this county where it is the last hold out of folks like us around here.
                Just like you described about NH though, they have jacked up the property values beyond Heaven so there is no place withing fifty miles of here that is affordable anymore.


              • What breed of goats you raising? Make any cheese? I love goat cheese made from fresh milk. My neighbors got a herd this summer. They are looking to making cheese and their girls want to try making goat milk soap.

                Got that right. Never had Sourgum till this fall. Excellent sweetener. Nice earthiness to it. We cooked ours in a copper sourgum kettle the farmer who lent us his cane squeezer has. Boiled it down over a hardwood fire, think the smoke gave it character. Like home made maple syrup. A toothsome delicacy for sure.
                Glad you mentioned how your neighbor squeezed his cane. Thanks, appreciate you.
                Was wondering if it could squeezed the right way using a hydraulic press. The canes are pretty rugged. The cane squeezer the way it is designed looses a lot of juice over the sides of the rather low scuppers if your not real careful feeding the canes in. A press would catch all of it. Lot of work planting growing and gathering it. Cows and pigs like the squeezed out stalks, it still is very sweet even after squeezing. Nothing is wasted.

                I rolled up a large OD basket from 304 SST perforated sheet, rig welded the seam, a large shallow sided catch pan with drain, and a presser plate from a VW Beetlebug flywheel, I welded on a disc of 304 STT sheet stock to the clutch plate side, spray bombed the bare cast iron, for sanitary purposes. I use it to press juice from the berries and apples off our land to make jelly, syrup and wine and fresh drinking. Mount the whole contraption on the 60 ton hydraulic shop press. My wife went to town, got this mesh like white nylon curtain materiel, and 3 white plastic cutting boards we cut round to fit in the basket, that way we get all the juice out of 4 thinner layers than trying to press one big one all at once, and the mesh captures the fine bits and chunky pulp, most of the seeds too. Juice comes rushing out beautifully. (System makes great cider and mint jelly for pork or lamb roast, we make a batch of hard cider too) Lay the mesh in the basket, pour in the fruit out of the grinder, fold over the extra mesh, place a plastic plate inside, repeat, then the presser plate. Have to use spacer blocks as the fruit compacts down. The jack on the press has too short a stroke for one shot.
                Made our grinder out of a 1 3/4 horse sinkarator, Lowes sells only one thats all SST. It was $136 bucks, seemed a tad expensive, till we found out how much juice it makes. I took it out of the box, disassembled it, found and removed stinky non hardening gray putty used at the factory, and replaced it with clear GE silicone sealant. Ran one of those PVC down ejecting sink trap kits, made a 2×6 and plywood table for it, wired in a 2o amp wall switch in a galvy wall box/cover, and a 304 SST pan with 6 inch tall sides with a hole thru the middle, and the plywood backer, mounts like you would in a regular sink. Grinds like a champ. Apples you have to cut in 8th wedges so it doesn’t clog up the blades. Just feed it careful. We cut and grind up 20 five gallon buckets in about 2 hours.
                The fruit “pumice” leftover from pressing is bone dry. To clean it run the garden hose full blast till nothing comes out. Let it dry good and put a lawn bag over it till next year. The pigs and cows chow down on the fruit pumice. My wife said we should try making fruit leather out of the pumice next year, we did ferment apple cider vinegar from some pumice. Used that for canning. Wild how much use you can get out of this stuff.
                I hear around the old timers made the best shine from “corn squeezings”. The farmers who make silage out of the whole corn stalk supposedly made top shelf moonshine from what drains out the bottom of the silos from the many tons they chop and blow up into the top vent to fill them up. Probably could press corn stalks after chopping it. The stalks of the WV Old White Hickory we grew this year is way more sweet tasing than the sourgum. Seriously sweeter. Thinking of squeezing that next year. Waste not want not. I give the corn stalks to my neighbor for his cows. My pigs eat it down. So, you got to buy sugar, you need it for canning and cooking why not make it from what you already got, right?
                Have to build some kind of a chopper for that though. Corn stalks are pretty stout, the White Hickory corn gets up to 2 inches or more in diameter. Boil that down juice, get natural corn syrup. Make some great hard candy. I got a big patch of Ginger this year, I love ginger.


                • I used to raise Boers, a South African meat goat, you can milk em, but Salleens and other breeds are better milkers. I raised a small herd about 30 to 35, it was enough on our 9 acres and still able to work. I sold them to another goat herder who used to truck them down to the Miami, Fl area to sell to Haitian and Cubans. Their money was green enough… I too like goat cheese and goat milk, better taste and better for you then what comes out of milk dairies today. I also had six La Mancha goats, they have no outer ear cartridge so have a funny shaped head. A close neighbor lady who raised several different breeds used to make soap out of La Mancha goats milk, they have a different enzyme in their milk which made a unique soap, so she would come over every day and milk them. Dove soap had nothing on it. It was creamy and your skin felt great. I liked to get a small place and raise a few goats again for the milk and some butchering.

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                  • Lamancha’s. yeah, couple about a mile down raise them. I get cheese from them, tasty. My wife loves the goat milk Feta. Have to tell Misty and her girls about the enzymes the Lamancha’s have, the way they been talking I don’t think they are aware of that. I’m going to quote you if you don’t care, very well said.

                    I like goat meat. Makes first class shiscabobs. Kind of like deer meat, but with some subtacaneous fat in the meat so it has a nice flavor.
                    My cousins had one nasty old buck, he would drink his own piss and jack himself off, drink that too, while chasing his does around when they wouldn’t let him mount them. He was the stinkiest billy I ve seen. You probably got some great war stories fighting with your billies.

                    A lady down the ridge sells every goat she can raise I hear. They look like sheep but longer legged, nice soft white curly hair. Her husband raised cattle, when he died she sold them off got her those goats. The ratio per acre goat to an acre of beef supposed to be up there like 20 to 1 or something.


                    • I never kept a billy, there was enough goat farms around with registered Boer Billies it was cheaper to rent them for a few days to service my does. Plus side of that you kept the inbreeding down to bare minimum. Damn billies can breed at 6 months and does about 8 months. I always cut or banded my billies at 1 week so as not to have Deliverance in my farm yard… Yeah tell them about the soap making from their milk. Do they make soap? A lot of work for what ya get out of it, but hey, iffn’ that is your bag. I just buy Irish Spring in bulk at Costco. But in a grid down playground it is better then nothing. I like goat meat is in shish kabobs and brazed like beef tips, and grind it in hamburger. Goats are a helluva lot cheaper and easier to manage then cows. Billies in with your milking does will give a nasty

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                    • Them girls sent mess around, the youngest bagged her a 250lb doe yesterday, came back, got one her dad’s tractors, brought in her deer, had it skinned out and deboned in about an hour and a half. We sat on the porch and watched her, said she was a fine, no help required. 18 years old. Still a virgin bless her heart, and a line of suiters.
                      A little soap making won’t bother them I think. They just love anything to do with critters. Natural born animal whisperers.

                      I prefer Ivory myself. My great grandpa made it thru the depression with a couple kegs of bar soap he traded for stuff. Definitely a valuable commodity from the mentions I can recall as a kid. I been stocking laundry detergent and TP for years, almost to the point we have enough to start using it and never having to buy it again. Actually aside from the probable future barter value, its the best savings bank return. Company in Georgia will ship free if you order $200+ paper/cleaning products. I know looking at our saved receipts, 10%, and more as events prove, increase in regular store costs on non food items we have saved really starts to add up over time. Money in the bank. I bought Ivory soap bars on those way cheap sales at wallyworld back ten years or more, the price has doubled + today.
                      Like you say, a world without soap not nice. Imagine the value of laundry detergent. I remember my grandma shaving off blocks of lye soap in her open top hand ringer washer, it worked very well. You can make Lye soap early simple, but you need a lot of fat, the lye can make with wood ashes, thing is I know from living outdoors in the winter, you need all the fat you can get in your diet. I’m not talking going skiing or a nice hike in the woods, but every day work. It fires your internal furnace.
                      Eat it or make soap?
                      So Lamancha goats sound pretty good, soap without rendered fat. Goats need as you say relatively little work, they are natural browsers if you have woodland or secondary growth forrest land they have all the feed they need properly managed on available land resource. And weather hardy with basic shelter/bedding to rest in.
                      Goats always struck me as the most cost effective critter along with hogs. I raise a few hogs moving them to various sections of my woodlot. They grow well on forrest duff. Saves big on the grain bill.
                      A good many along the ridge saves their food leavings for hog slop use, and a few of us divvy it up taking turns collecting it. One fellow works at a bread distribution company, he brings up a 4 station cattle trailer of out of date/damaged bakery products once a month or more.

                      Appreciate your knowledge about them goats, really cool.


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