9 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. It isn’t called the “Silly Seasons” for nothing. If both came once every 5 years I could get excited about it, but every year? It got old 45 years ago and I am 60…

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  2. I agree with what you say – if your rant is based on the notion that it has all devolved mostly to pure money-making.
    But there’s so much more behind Thanksgiving or Christmas than meets the eyes. It’s milennia of belice and lore, it’s so much more a spiritual thing, an inner vision that permeates to the outer world and finds its expression in a simple Christmas tree, in a light that conquers the darkness in a season when the sun seems to have died – a promise of life and rebirth, a sign of the eternal turning wheel of the seasons and the cycle of birth – youth – adulthood – procreation – senectitude – death.
    Thanksgiving as to giving thanks and being thankful for our daily bread isn’t that bad – and even if it us only a reason for a family come-together it’s a good thing in itself – don’t you think?


    • Back at ya. I was thinking of you earlier and then fell asleep in my chair.
      I am home alone, the wife is pissed because I fell asleep and didn’t make it over to her folks, there was no Thanksgiving dinner anyway so the whole thing is just another day in the life.
      Gonna go back out in the garage here in a bit.


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