A Little Here, A Little There

It’s coming along.







I have to finish wiring up the switch and the motor, which I have no idea whether or not works yet.

I don’t see any reason for it not to, have another one if it doesn’t and after meeting the guy, have no reason to think he would give me one that didn’t in the first place.

Cleaning the column is going to be lots of fun.

I may leave that alone for the time being but eventually it will drive me crazy and I will take care of that too.

If you look closely you can see that my garage is a complete disaster area right now.

It looks like someone took a Conex full of crap, stuck it in a giant paint shaker and then dumped the contents out on the floor.

I barely have room to get around this thing to work on it and my work bench has completely disappeared under a huge pile of crap.

As soon as I get this fucker going I am going to start in on that shit.

Even I can’t take it anymore and that is saying something.

I  have been putting it off and putting it off but it’s time for some of this shit to go.

I have boxes full of Sprite parts that I need to put on Offer Up and the local Craigslist, price it so cheap that some dumb motherfucker such as myself can’t help themselves and make them go away.

That is just for starters.

Every square inch of that garage has shit piled up on it and getting rid of even one box makes a noticeable difference at this point.

One thing at a time though. I am real close to getting this drill press going and I want to focus on that first. Then I can put the tools I am using away and get after it.

Ain’t no rest for the wicked baby and I am a very, bad boy.



16 thoughts on “A Little Here, A Little There

    • She has been very distracted lately dealing with her Mom’s health issues. I’m sure she saw it but I don’t think it registered,yet. It’s coming as sure as hell.


  1. Nice clean up. The bench height drill press I inherited from my father didn’t have any extra holes drilled into the table until my wife “just needed to drill a couple of holes” she didn’t understand why I was so irate.
    I suggest a sacrificial table top made from a a special type of material called, “Whateverslayingaround.”


    • And you are still married to her? That would be a deal breaker for me. Can you spell divorce… Or at least waterboarding. I bought my now ex wife her own tool box and tools and a cordless drill and told her never-ever touch my tools. I am a selfish bastard, I never loan my tools out, comes from experience.


  2. Oh yeah, they clean up nice sometimes. I have the “Arc of Shame” on my CL find as well. Check the old inbox. I think I sent it to the correct guy this time…. dang it, I can spell and it bites me sometimes….


  3. Amazing that someone made one drill thru away from the manufacturer supplied central hole
    and decided to stick with that method. Don’t buy a Bridgeport from him!


  4. Pity one or a series of idiots did not know how to set the drill depth on that unit. You might be able to get that welded up then ground smooth or just do the redneck thing and fill the dimples with JB weld then scrape it smooth.

    I picked up a used Wilton (1950’s vintage) vise where someone had drilled a hole into one jaw, straight down and through, probably using it as a bending jig. I taped the bottom over and filled it with JB weld, you can’t even tell there was ever a hole there, it blends so well with the cast iron color.


  5. What kind of dumb fuck just drills across the plate like that? That’s obviously 3/8 and bigger bits. Glad to see you give a valuable stand a good home. I can’t help you with a Sprite. Still recovering after grinding on a 66 MGB until it vanished.


  6. You are starting with a good solid machine. Beats the heck out of working on the plastic junk we have to deal with these days. I’ve been steadily unloading junk, giving stuff away and hauling stuff to the dump. Feels like it barely made a dent, but I know it has. Now that the veggie van is gone, I have to find someone who wants a couple hundred gallons of waste veggie oil. That will clear up a good part of the basement.


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