Oh Yeah, Daddy Scored!

The wife ain’t gonna think so but I know I did.


In case you can’t tell, it’s a heavy motherfucker.

I went over to meet the seller this morning and he turned out to be a hell of a nice guy. Between the two of us the thing went right in the back of the rig by using a small movers dolly to roll the top half in on. Then we got to talking and wound up shooting the shit for about a half hour.

Not only did I get the drill press and the original motor, he threw in 3 more small electric motors for free and I couldn’t thank the guy enough!

IMG_20181117_140303 (1)

That blue one is for the drill press.

Depending how you look at it, I either got  this serious floor mounted drill press for fifty bucks and three free motors to boot or I bought three small electric motors for fifty bucks and got a free drill press. Either way, it was a hell of a good deal.

I have been looking for some of those motors off and on and they are getting hard to come by cheap anymore.

Once in a while I will see one go for twenty bucks but they are always clear the fuck and gone on the other side of Portland which makes it not such a good deal when you gotta take into account time, gas and the ever present clusterfuck traffic jams over there.

So 3 X $20 = $60 from where I am sitting either way.

It took me a good twenty minutes to wrestle the bastard out of the rig and onto the ground by myself because the damn driveway has such a slope to it, that little 1 ton Harbor Freight Cherry Picker has paid for it’s self over and over again at this point.


When I was talking to the guy, he told me that it used to be his Fathers and when he died this guy’s brother hauled this thing all the way up here from California to give to him and he’s like, Why?

He already has one and this thing has just been taking up space in his shop ever since.

Obviously not the sentimental type.

What I can’t hardly believe is that the thing has been advertised for two entire months and nobody else snagged it!

The cheapest I have seen something like this go for in over a year was $175 and it was a piece of crap.

Most of the time it’s $250 and up.

It’s a Jet, made in good old Jay-pan way back when so it’s nothing fancy but at least it ain’t made out of Chinesium*.


It is solid, the quill is in good shape, the bearings seem fine and it looks like it’s going to be fairly easy to put back together.

Even better, I actually had a Morse Taper insert with a 1/2 inch chuck on it that slid right in!


The table has seen better days, someone drilled a series of holes in an arc all the way across it but at least it’s big enough to put a damn drill press vise on.

So it looks like I have something else to keep me occupied for a while. I have been wanting one of these since we lived in the last place but there was always some reason that it didn’t happen.

Now to make some room and get after it. There is going to be a large expenditure of Elbow Grease here in my near future, plus several cans of WD-40.

I doubt that I will take it apart to get rid of the rust by soaking but I’m not going to rule it out. depends on how much work it turns into first.

I can’t wait to get this thing going.


*Raise your hand if you are an Uncle Bumblefuck fan.

If you don’t know what Chinesium is, it’s AvE speak for cheap Chinese steel or cast iron  machine parts or tools that break under normal stress conditions and/or are horribly machined and ill fitting. The epitome of Cheap Chinese Crap.

Look up AvE on Youtube, the guy is seriously hilarious.

Thanks for stopping by and keep your dick in a vise.

25 thoughts on “Oh Yeah, Daddy Scored!

      • as I said: it’s like Brylcreem: “”A little dab will do ya. Use just enough to wet the surface, let it set about a half hour, and most rust wipes off. maybe a bit of scrubbing with a rag (not sandpaper) or a soft brass brush or a nylon brush.

        I use it for a LOT of stuff and I go through about a quart in a year, maybe a bit less.

        Figure 3-1 compared to WD-40 . Since WD-40 is about $.40 ounce in cans, you do the math.

        Plus it films and helps prevent rust and is pretty good on firearms as a cleaner and lube. .


        • I go through so much WD-40 that I should buy stock in it. I’m serious, I bet I have gone through at least six large cans in the last couple of months.The one thing about that stuff is that it is also a decent cleaner for some materials.It kind of surprised me when I was cleaning up that old Post Dill that it was cleaning up a bunch of what reminded me of a kind of varnish build up from all the old lubricants from over the years. It just dissolved it.
          I will give this stuff a try and see what I think, I’m betting it will work good for after everything has been cleaned up already.
          I know ATF also has a bunch of detergents in it and will clean some things also.
          It works best when cut with something else though, like diesel.


    • I have watched several videos on it and it seems to work well. Haven’t been able to find any yet. I’ve looked at HF and Wally World so far.
      Maybe Home Depot has some, haven’t scoured their selections yet.


      • Northern Tool sells Evap-o-Rust.
        I worked for a surplus industrial equipment dealer and we had a dedicated parts washer filled with it.
        And a big Hell Yes on Uncle Bumblefuck! He’s my Kanukistan Hero.


  1. Apparently, a trickle battery charger, big tub of water, box of baking soda and some scrap steel for an anode work as a great de-oxidizer. Doc Nickles at The Whiteboard does it with an old camelback drill unit and the before and after photos are friggin amazing. Still requires some elbow grease, but overall, what looks like overly rusty can come back.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have studied that method extensively and am wanting to try it on something but it’s got to go outside and the wifely unit is pretty touchy about that shit. Maybe I can drag that old Walk Behind tractor out of the garden shed and have a go at it.
      I am astounded that it hasn’t poured rain here yet like it normally does but it is just a matter of time until it starts in.


    • I’m hip to that, been to Grannies house before as they say. We have a huge Raleigh at work that even has a tapping feature.
      This is the excuse I have been needing to finally go get that clamping kit I have been wanting too.
      Since the On/Off buttons are on the side I will be looking to put an E Stop on it somewhere where I can get at it in a hurry. Just for good measure.


        • I agree with that, 500 is the slowest speed stamped into the tag.
          I am going to be looking into finding a way to slow that down. I believe the specs call it a 5/8’s drill press which is one step bigger than 1/2 inch and that’s as big of a chuck as I have currently.
          It is an M2 taper so at least I don’t have to worry about threads on the spindle.


          • I got a decent Jacobs No. 36 with some wear. Goes to 3/4″. Needs a K4 key and JT3 to MT2 arbor. Excess to my needs, if you want it, it’s got your name on it. See budgetmachining.blogspot.com for pics. I didn’t want to blow up your comments section trying to post pics.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Oh hell yes!
              I left some comments over at your Blog and put it on my Blog roll. Nothing like a little incentive to get you to post more over there. Lol!
              Drop me a line at BustednucklesATgmailDOTcom and we can work a deal. Oh yeah, Thank you, very much!


  2. the wife unit gives you any flak about it, ask her “would you rather I be out there drilling metal with the press, or in here drilling you with….(fill in the blank).
    bet she never gives you a hard time about any of your future projects.


  3. Hi,
    Enjoy your blog and only have three comments.

    1) love what you buy and fix up to like new condition. Drill Press is great.
    2) I still use Vinegar bath for separate metal rusted parts. A day or two in vinegar and rust come right off with a quick wash.
    3) I have found some great pieces for the shop with little money with the “OfferUp App” on my phone but I do live in the Houston TX area. Lots of equipment, tools and anything for sale.



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