I Ain’t Doing FUCK ALL Today

I have been busting my ass all damn week with these ten and twelve hour days.

My feet are killin’ me, my legs, shoulders and lower back are all aching and sore as hell and I am generally just wore the fuck out.

Right this minute there ain’t no one here except me and a couple of worthless fucking cats and even those assholes are snoozing.

It’s nice and quiet.

I am going to take full advantage of it by doing absolutely nothing except dick around here on the internet and am only getting up to do one of three things.

Take a piss.

Get more coffee.

Or go have a smoke.

Maybe all three at one go.

That’s it.

There are a thousand things I could and probably should be doing today and fuck every one of ’em.

Y’all have a nice day, I’m going to wash down a few Ibuprofin with some more coffee and just sit here and vegetate for a while.

5 thoughts on “I Ain’t Doing FUCK ALL Today

  1. Hey Phil,I know your pain. I’ve climbed in and out of GMC engine compartments most of my life. Advil was my friend, that and Jack. You deserve to screw off if you want,you have earned it. On a side note doesn’t all the pictures of Ocasio Cortez smiling look a lot like Wirecutters Wolverine? Take care,Al


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