Let Me Show You My Shocked Face

Pentagon fails its first ever audit, official says

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Pentagon has failed what is being called its first-ever comprehensive audit, a senior official said on Thursday, finding U.S. Defense Department accounting discrepancies that could take years to resolve.

Results of the inspection – conducted by some 1,200 auditors and examining financial accounting on a wide range of spending including on weapons systems, military personnel and property – were expected to be completed later in the day.

“We failed the audit, but we never expected to pass it,” Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan told reporters.

The U.S. defense budget for the 2018 fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30 was $700 billion. It was unclear what consequences there would be for the failed audit, but defense officials and outside experts have said it may be years before the Pentagon is able to fix its accounting gaps and errors and pass an audit.

A 1990 federal law mandated that U.S. government agencies be audited, but the Pentagon had not faced a comprehensive audit until this one was launched in December.

Let me take my shoes and socks off here for a second,

This audit started a year ago, so, 2017-1990= TWENTY SEVEN FUCKING YEARS that they fucked this audit off to start with, the office in the Pentagon that this audit was supposed to started in conveniently had an “Airliner” slam into it and destroy any trace of what had been going on there way back on 9/11/2001 just for good measure to begin with and just who ever thought there would be the slimmest chance of there ever being any accountability there in the first place was?






Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Trillions of tax payer dollars down a bottomless rat hole and some rich assed motherfucking Military Industrial Complex types laughing all the way to the bank, year after year, after year after year.

If anyone ever expects to see an ounce of accountability for all that money I have a slightly rusty hammer or a toilet seat to sell them at only 16 billion dollars piece.

Cheap by these peoples standards.

I’ll even autograph them for you at no charge.

7 thoughts on “Let Me Show You My Shocked Face

  1. 700 billion dollars was the FIRST payment to the bankers & insurance people to cover their gambling debts by in 2008.

    So much money floating around… not around me mind you,


  2. Trust me,I’m the last guy to defend gov’t,pentagon wasteful spending.I even testified against my former boss in a fraud case with the air force.The problem is,everything goe’s to the low bidder,and companies need to pay the bills.If they need a widget,the company figures out the material cost,labor cost,shipping,and a little profit.Then,in 6 months,the need more widgets,put it out to bid,and the next company underbids you by a nickel,so they win.This goes on until there is no money to be made,and nobody bids on it.I’ve worked on job’s where the scrap made more money than the part itself!
    One job I made was a brake bleeder kit for F15’s.The pentagon was pretty specific on what to use.1 Snap on 5/16 combination wrench,cut off the closed end and deburr it.6 feet of tygon tubing.2 screw type hose clamps.1 custom made bleeder valve,(I’d think a plane would have a bleeder valve?)
    All of these goodies were packed into a CERTIFIED cardboard box,measuring 6x6x3 inches,all packed into a bigger CERTIFIED cardboard box,contianing 20 units per box,not to exceed 30 pounds.WHEW!!!!!
    So,a Craftsman wrench ain’t good enough?Boeing or Lockheed can’t toss in a maintence kit with the plane?Why do they need 100 of them,they can’t reuse them?
    As far as the toilet seats,that’s a completely different issue.It was never really reported correctly.They were not household toilets,they were for the B1 bomber toilets.Why they didn’t design them for a household seat,go figure.Imagine you own a machine shop,they ask you to bid on a custom toilet seat,and only 100 of them.You need a 250k 5 axis cnc machine to make it,and program it……..that ain’t cheap.


  3. Before this “audit”, kind of rhymes with DOJ AG Investigation into a conspiracy of a deep state palace coup attempt, in other words it means jack fucking shit, (and they all gonna keep right on strip mining us dirt people of our wealth by any means necessary), the .Mil was about all but useless but for a ruling class military industrial complex welfare program, aka long ago as Big Daddy Warbucks.
    To sic it on us in the advent of 4th generation war, a kind of warfare it truly sucks at waging, which ten years in left hand as swipe land has proven beyond all doubt it has a proven track record of failing to grasp the complexities of insurgency warfare.
    The whole point I’m making here, is for the immediate future, at least as long as the coming dirty stinking commie instigated purges and death squads they so desperately hope to inspire against our White Christian Western arses, once and for all rid their precious 1 world order of “our bitterly clinging” to our culture, “our outmoded ideas” of Guns Bibles and Jobs, that a incompetent and bungling US Military is exactly what we will need because such an army is ripe for the raping of its weapons and materiel.
    In other words if this shit show the neo-bolsheviks want so bad gets off to a bloody start, the way we win, and not only kick their ass, but exterminate the fuckers, which we need to do if we are ever to free of God’s Green Earth and us dirt people of the marxist scum known as the human extinction movement of the 20th & 21st century’s, you know like Einstien’s Theory of Human Insanity, aka, “Of repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results”, all those nice tasty toys from belt feds to Thermobaric MOAB’s, and the systems which support them is how we do the deed that really needs doing. In simplest terms, the >Mil of the upcoming festivities will be our arms warehouse. Just like “law enforcement” with all their “surplus” toy’s, what one has acquired in the spoils system known as government another can take. After all, is it not our wealth they have literally extorted and stolen from us via the fruits of our labors which has entirely funded the procurement of the arms and materiel of the US Military? Well if we got our druthers, we are gonna want them back, they are legitimately belong to us.

    Imagine what you could do with a Striker with a 110mm smoothbore copula mounted gun, or an Abrams main battle tank. How about some of those new fangled very fine Karl Gustav recoils rifles, a truck load of hand grenades, pallet of Platique and primary components, all that wonderful combat first aid supply, and who doesn’t get a big ol’ woody with a warm belt fed in their hands?

    I’m not knocking in any sense of the word our AR’s and AK’s, there is no substitute in combat, or in holding territory, and bringing the fight to ones enemy, as the combat rifle, it is queen and always will be of battle. This war thats a coming is gonna be ugly, brutal, bloody, chockablock full of misery and dying, nobody is getting out of whats coming, we are all like the pig, committed. But, getting our paws on upgrades and higher order devices of destruction never hurt a 4th Generation Warrior nor his prospects for killing the enemy.

    So shitty as the stupidity of Phil’s revelation brought to us about the .Mil, it is a golden opportunity in the making if that illustrious organization is to be brought back to sovereign soil. And if you look at it from another perspective, like thinking like a ruling class scumbag, it was only a matter of time the US Military it created and used in it’s plundering the dirt people and their lands, their ideology notwithstanding, of the third world would be turned internally because this is no shit, us dirt people are the last men standing, with our “Assault Rifles” and our old dead white guy ideas of self determination and Liberty, in the world. We are the last indigenous natives, the last little people holdouts remaining, and the bulwark that stands in the way of their one world order bullshit. Believe it. They would have left us on the vine to rot long ago if us Cis Racist White Nazi’s where not THE existenytial threat to world spanning raw naked power. We are all thats left of the idea of things like Liberty, natural God given primal birth rights, to freedom of speech, right to bear arms, right to private property, the idea of The Will of The People, Consent and it’s withdrawal, the actuality of the original idea of being a Sovereign Free Man, to have religion and faith and the freedom to worship such, but most of all, it is the legitimacy as free Men we have a primal inalienable natural right to be armed and to use those arms to defend every component of our personage, family, tribe, land and country from any enemy of those components of our Liberty.
    In other words as long as one of us exists who are free and refuse to bend a knee, the idea of freedom and all it entails exist. And in all this Ragnorak, that idea is the single most dangerous thing in Heaven our on Earth to the fuckers. Because as long as we exist, the ideas of what and who we are inspire countless others all over the Earth to the same precepts and ideals. This is something which can not be permitted, it is THE proscribed prohibition of men.
    But whats worse for the motherfuckers is we have guns, lots of guns, out is an implied threat second to none, the only thing they fear. There is not enough of the sonofabitches to fight us and win. There never was. Never will be. It is only the appearance of, the illusion we are outnumbered, alone, isolated, and divided. That has always been and still is the prime directive of The 5th Column who infest every part of the media. To con us. To make us think we are nothing and they, are everything.

    Yet, nothing is farther from the truth. The US Military is what it is because like everything the human extinction movement touches it destroy’s, it converges everything it gets its foul meathooks on into a projection of its worthless foul useless nasty dirty stinking self. Which in our circumstances should be most beneficial for us and our winning against tyranny. That fight was always coming, there was never any voting our way out of it, we where always going to have to fight our way out of it, and that way lays through it to get out of it. So I’ll take every advantage possible. A truly clusterfucked Military? Check. One that can’t fight 4th Generation warfare if it was placed before them on a silver platter? Check. A.Mil loaded to busting to its gills with equipment, weapons, supplies, ripe for the taking as a function of Civil War within its own country? Check. An Army with an effective ratio of RAMF to combat solders ranked about 50 to 1? Check. Such a Military, where all in it puts its pants on one leg at a time like every man in America, who are divided along the same cultural, political, and demographic lines as the civilian population? Check. Because the number of Solders who will eventually turn against the ruling political corporate class as it sic’s it against Brother’s and Sisters, (Check), will be about similar to the state of mind and action of the whole population. You remember that sea of red in flyover nation depicting the electorate state of us dirt people? Check. Thats one fucking huge whopping piece of real estate. A Military that can’t control never mind win against an entire nation of stone age dirt people who still live at the mud hut level the size of Texas? Check. I’ll take malfunctioning US Military for 10 thousand please. Check. In all war, to win, you must hold territory. It is one of the laws of 4th Generation Warfare, as the Father of 4th Gen War William S. Lind has pointed out tirelessly, of the ultimate goal of Col. John Byodd’s ODDA loop. Sun Tzu, even Mao understood, Hitler, Uncle Joe Stalin, Marx, Patton, General E. Lee, Grant, Lincoln and his marxists, Dr, Jerry Pournelle, RIP, in no doubt understood, territory is everything. You have to take it, hold it, then make it your own. It is why unbridled naked unfettered open illegal invasion of our southern border was written into the de-facto attainders of writ laws the fucking swamp assholes created to save their agenda’s. To import enough savages who care for nothing but themselves to invade, occupy and genocide us dirt people. They have used the same strategy and tactics using their nice little pet US Military to arrange and conduct this genocide of every secular or independent non complying self determining nation state in the mideast and other 3rd world places on Earth who bucks them or refuses to be a vassal state. Send in the US .Mil and crush the little fucks. Ghadaffi starts veto organize the N. African states to conduct business using gold backed species? Kill the sonofabitch, use his country as a conduit to run guns and munitions into the Levant, so you can destroy another secular State called Syria, who also just happens to be the one sovereign independent secular mideast nation state where everyone from needs to run their oil and gas pipelines. So kill that bastard too. Its what we spent all that hard work raping and strip mining the American people of their inherent wealth for to pay for running our private mercenary army, under the guise of Murica! for. For money and power. And in our world, energy is become the most valuable important element in the basics of life. Air. Water. Food. Energy. Land.
    Of course they never audited the Pentagon. It has been an organized crime leg breakers convention and outfit for the ruling class of the 21st Century. And we pay for it.

    The pendulum of history, of human events always swings the other way. You never know. Amazing things have happened to us, we are not called a God Blessed Country for no reason. I’d say there’s a pretty good size Legion of us who have had quite enough of this fucking bullshit, that includes not just a few Warrior type Dude’s in the US Military. Check.

    Remember, Civil War II American style with a marxian neo-bolshevik bent and a Normie cannon fodder backstop is like a big party and everyone is invited. You never know who might just show up.


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