12 thoughts on “My Application Has Been Approved!

  1. I always wanted to have a custom-made leather jacket with a cartoon image of an
    ambulance or coroners wagon with someone being loaded on a gurney with X’s
    for eyes on a highway with a wrecked HD on the shoulder. The text would read,
    “Rolling Organ Donors MC.” I may too old and too disabled to restore the FSXT
    I have in my workshop, so riding my scooter may remain a dream. It takes a lot
    of time, money and energy, something I am very short on these days!

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    • My God Man!
      Don’t even whisper that you have a Harley mouldering away somewhere needing to be fixed up around me!
      Do you not know about me and my “Projects”?!

      The Wifely Unit WOULD KILL ME if I drug home a bike.,
      I told her when we got married that I couldn’t have one anymore and told her to kill me in my sleep if I drug one home. You can bet your ass she didn’t forget that either.
      I have a terminal condition with motorcycles when I get on one.
      There are only two throttle positions after that..


      • Where can one get that shirt, I have been riding for 35 years and yes my RA does hurt till I got wind proof gloves and face mask and LOVE my flannel lined jeans, riding become a pleasure again.


      • If you think you are sick, imagine how I feel. I met the previous owner
        more than a decade before I even knew him. I was sent to an air
        compressor shop to pick up a part for my father. I complimented him
        on his old school chopper. Years later I was hired on at a non-union
        Millwright company. He had just left and I was his replacement. I bailed
        out and went to a union shop in Paramount CA about a year before
        the business went bankrupt.

        I did not recognize Jim from my earlier encounter. He was a big, fat,
        bearded, tattooed, long-haired old school biker. We got along good and
        he liked my skills and work ethic. He was at that time a field foreman
        and he always requested me as a crew member. Jim, myself, and a
        third foreman moved to a Los Angeles paper mill due to office politics.

        In total, we were coworkers for 20 years and I still did not remember our
        encounter 10 years before we worked together. When the mill was shut
        down, we went our separate ways. I kept in touch with Jim and his
        brother (also a biker) on social media. Jim was hit with a vicious form
        of cancer. His brother and I remained in contact. After he died, his
        brother informed that Jim’s dumb-ass daughter’s boyfriend who
        knew nothing about motorcycle maintenance dumped the bike on
        the 60 Freeway in SoCal. The damage was not that bad.

        When I found out that his baby was used as collateral for a loan, and
        that the bike was one day away from foreclosure, I paid much more
        than I should have to rescue the bike. Jim’s brother and daughter
        met me with a trailer in Long Beach to get the bike. On the way
        back, we passed what was Wolfley’s Air Supply in Compton. Jim’s
        brother told me he used to work there. BAM, it hit me! Some
        friendships are so great you will spend thousands of dollars to
        save the thing they loved the most!


      • An ex-wife said to me one time, while I was wrenching, I think you love those Harleys more than you love me. I told her at least when I give them love and attention they give me something back.


  2. That’s a great shirt. Phil, it ain’t a cure all, but I’ve had some relief from that over the counter 4% lidocaine cream. It’s temporary, but helps some. I buy the generic, same stuff, cheaper than the brand name. Just wish they could up that 4% to; oh hell, 98%??? Take care, sir.


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