True Grit

Probably never even let up off the gas.

midget racer

Well, I’m off to start some 12 hour shifts.

I woke up not feeling well and was in the bathroom 3 times in 15 minutes shortly after waking up the second time this morning. Fucking McDonald’s Revenge more than likely.

We’ll see how it goes, a guy has to do, what a guy has to do.

6 thoughts on “True Grit

  1. My uncle was a huge fan of dirt track races. He took me to Ascot Park in Torrance
    many times. From the first time I saw a Ferrari in a car mag, I was a fan of the truest
    form of races. The road races like Gran Prix are the pinnacle of driving skills. I have
    seen driving skills at Ascot that would put NASCAR racers to shame. Some of these
    drivers have a pair of balls a Water Buffalo would envy!


  2. He does a half gainer with an inside twist and gets Tens across the board except from the asshole from Ukraine and does he back off? Hell no! Does a wheelie! That’s dirt tracking.


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