2 thoughts on “Instant Karma

  1. 9 times out of 10, skateboarders are like bulletproof, or at least seem to bounce back ok.

    Years ago on my way to work at Oh dark thirty, I went thru the city center to reach the highway. As I passed by the Safeway at the back of it is a steep alleyway and out in front of me this boarder zooms out and steers down the middle of the road. I slow and follow him for a bit, and his board snaps in half and he goes flying, bouncing off the asphalt sliding and tumbling.

    I stop and jump out to check on him but hes already up…

    “Are you OK?”

    “My board, man”

    “Yeah, I saw it snap, are you ok?”

    “My board broke man”

    He gathers up the pieces …

    “Your pretty tore up, want me to call 911, your drooling blood…

    “I BROKE MY BOARD!!!!”

    Time to slowly and with grace just exit. The realm he lives in isnt reality and just let it be.


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