Game Strategy Reassessment,Plotting Possible New Strategies In Reaction To Latest Developments.

There is a lot of information to process as of this morning.

On one hand, the results of yesterdays elections and the further advancement of the Communist Strategy is going to have a serious impact on what I decide to do next.

On a National level, the resignation announcement of AG Jeff Sessions this morning and the effects on the war on the Deep State is also going to have an impact albeit much of which will be unknown until sometime in the future. That is a spectator sport kinda thing anyway

More pressing and much closer to home is of course the Left Tard Gun Control Jackasses and their successful passing of yet another restrictive gun law designed specifically to turn law abiding citizens into criminals and ratcheting the incremental agenda of gun registration and confiscation up yet one more notch.

It is now a law that all of the citizens of the State of Washington have their duly registered weapons “Secured” at all times in ones own home under the threat of being held criminally liable if one of them winds up being used in a crime by someone else and the gun can be traced back to you.

This to me violates not only our national Constitution but also this state’s, which is almost a verbatim copy.

It also imposes a hardship on gun owners with more than just one or two guns, especially if they are long guns, ie; rifles.

What is their definition of secure?

Locked up of course.

How do you lock up multiple rifles?

With a fucking Gun Safe, of course!

That’s all well and good.

Where is someone say, like me, a renter, supposed to put this safe?

Out in the garage?

Behind a flimsy sheet metal door that can be gotten into by anyone serious in a matter of minutes?

A closet? In the bedroom?

These things are quite heavy and are designed to be bolted down.

I’m almost positive the Rental Management company in charge of this place would shit little golden apples if I started drilling holes in the floors or the concrete out in the garage  to bolt down a safe and that would open me up to all kinds of misery.

This is just one example to ponder out of several million cases of lawful gun owners in this state.

Of course the Gun Control Gestapo looks on that as an opportunity for us to get discouraged and just sell off what is our God Given right to self defense.

It’s a juicy win for these cretins either way.

So I am discussing this subject with the Wifely Unit and trying to remember how many guns I have that can be traced to me on paper, illegally BTW, the government is supposed to destroy the forms you have to fill out when you buy one after a certain time period if I recall.

This brings the questions of how in the hell are they supposed to know what I own and what I don’t and who is  responsible for keeping track of this ?

I would really like to know the answer to that last one.

Either way, I think I have three guns with a paper trail on me.

One is a Taurus .45 I bought a couple of years ago, a 12 gauge pump the Wife bought me and a Ruger 10/22.

The .45 has already been spoken for and will be sold with the appropriate Government sanctioned FFL transfer paperwork being done upon the final sale, that being done before Christmas.

That is one down.

The 12 gauge has never had a round through it. It may soon be on the disposal list also but I like having it around.

The Ruger has had some Mods to it and I will keep that one.

So my question now is, what about any guns that I have owned over the years before all this Commie overreach came into being are still floating around out there unknown to me?

I have no fucking clue.

Back before all this crap, we as a people, bought and sold guns all the fucking time without even thinking about it.

If someone commits a crime with a gun I sold off twenty years ago and I can’t even remember owning and then they show up at my door to haul me off I think there is going to be a problem.

But you know, sensible gun laws are the right thing to do.

Think of the children, won’t you?

I still have some more thinking to do about my immediate response to this new law.

Running out and buying a gun safe just to comply with their bullshit isn’t real high on my list of things to do yet and multiple trigger locks is a non starter.

Back to the political shift nationally for a quick moment, there is much to absorb there also and I am going to sit back and watch what transpires before I say much of anything about it.

The Republicans still control both the House and the Senate until January.

Perhaps for once in my entire life, they will wake the fuck up and get something done in that time span.

I ain’t holding my breath.

22 thoughts on “Game Strategy Reassessment,Plotting Possible New Strategies In Reaction To Latest Developments.

    • The thing is, it makes criminals out of currently law abiding citizens with the stroke of a pen. Nobody is going to enforce this bullshit storage requirement, it’s just there to make owning guns inconvenient. How many cases of stolen guns resulting in crimes being committed is a realistic number to justify this crap?
      My position on this matter should be crystal clear by now. If you want ’em, come and take ’em, if you can.


  1. Just FYI in case you’re interested in Austria’s gun law in a nutshell.
    There are four categories of guns:

    Category A
    All rifles capable of full auto fire, all bolt action rifles from caliber.50 BMG upwards, telescope nightsticks, concealed long blades (i.e. hidden in a cane) and other devices that are too exotic to nme them all.
    These weapons are strictly forbidden to posess privately. Exceptions are possible albeit rare.

    Category B
    All sidearms produced after a certain date I cannot remember – but flintlock pistols are ok, percussion ignited pistols are not. All semi auto rifles.
    You may obtain such weapons provided you are 18, have a clean criminal record and no weapon’s ban has been issued against you. Furthermore you have to pass a psychological test which you can fail thrice before your luck is up permanently. After passing the psychological testing you need to prove that you took a course on weapon handling (usually the weapons dealer you buy the gun from provides you with a certificate which is thus very easily obtained). After that you must apply for a weapon’s permit at the district’s govt. they usually issue a permit for two or three weapons of that category. With that permit in hand you have to go to your weapons dealer who will enter the specifications of the weapon you’re buying in that permit – and in an online database that’s called the central weapons register (ZWR). After that you must store the weapon in a safe as long as you’re not heading to or from a shooting range. In contrary to the German weapon’s law there’s no need to store your ammo in a separate locker, you may even store a loaded gun in that safe if you want. You are NOT allowed to carry a gun concealed or open. One needs a special permit for that and it is usually exclusively issued to security personnel(while on duty), hunters (while hunting), jewelers (while transporting valuables), police (while on duty) and similar professionals.
    Within a recurring period of three years cops will drop by at your home unannounced to check if you’re storing your weapons correctly…

    Category C
    All bolt action rifles up to but excluding cal .50 BMG.
    Age 18 years, no weapon’s ban, no criminal record. The rifle has to be registered at the ZWR. It has to be stored safely as long as minors or persons with a tainted criminal record or weapons ban are living in your household.

    Category D
    All shotguns that aren’t semi auto (Cat. B) or pump guns (Cat. A). Air rifles.
    Age 18 years, no weapon’s ban, no criminal record. Until lately the shotguns didn’t have to be registered in the ZWR provided you bought the gun before the last change in the weapon’s law – but now they have to be registered as well..
    Air rifles don’t have to be registered if you bought the gun before the last change in the Austrian weapon’s law and as long you’re not selling them.
    Talking about selling a gun: it’s in the buyer’s responsibility to register his privately acquired weapon in the ZMR.

    Pretty large nutshell…😂


  2. Phil,
    Initiative 1639 looks to be patterned after the same BS I dealt with for years in Kalifornia as an FFL. It is just one more of many reasons I now live in Texas.

    I read the text of 1639, which includes this—“…or secured with a trigger lock or similar device…”. So it looks to me like you don’t need a safe to comply with the law.

    In Kalifornia, a simple cable lock run though the open action worked for most guns. Of course, seeing as how they were state mandated, you could only use those on the state approved list. State approved CYA. If a customer showed up to pick up their gun with their own lock, they had to have a receipt for that lock and the receipt could not be dated any older than 30 days. During one of my state DOJ inspections, I asked the inspector if the required locks had to be new. He said “No”. Thank you. Used locks are OK. So I started my own rotating used lock program. Got some extra used locks? Kindly donate them in that bucket there. Picking up a gun? Need a lock? Grab one of those used ones from the bucket. I’ll print you a receipt for a used lock for $0.00. They gonna bust me for no profit? Fuck ’em.

    Just one of many un-answered questions—Let’s say a thief steals a gun with a lock on it, cuts the lock, and immediately commits a crime before you have a chance to report the theft. How do you prove the gun was secure at the time of theft? It is all such a total crock.

    As to your question about who knows what you have–the paper trail ends with whoever was the last person to fill out the 4473. Any investigation is going to start with the manufacturer and work down through the paper trail to the retail sale. The trail may end there. It may also re-appear if the gun is later acquired by a shop and put on their books. The more times a gun has changed hands between you and the end of the trail, the better. When a shop goes out of business, they are required to box up all their 4473’s and ship them to ATF. Unless of course, the mice got into them. Or the diesel drum leaked. From the movie ‘Joe Kid’—“Chu know, there was a fire…”

    Hope this helps.

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  3. My “what do I do next” moment has turned into a “which long gun do I get now” moment.
    I’ve been jonesing for an M1 Garand, but damn those boys are heavy. Maybe a plastic fantastic black “protection” rifle with a red dot……



    • Garands are nice and actually balance quite well for shooting, coming to battery quite easily, and unless you are doing the upright shooting stance for 30 minutes, are quite a comfortable rifle to tote (with the right sling or hand position) and shoot. The weight and the semi-auto action really helps mitigate the .30-06 round. And the deadweight of the rifle is minimal when resting on a barrier or sandbag in preparation for holding off hordes of ANTIFA or zombies or ANTIFA zombies, not to mention the potential double- or triple-kill potential… Plus you can piss people off by mounting a real bayonet on it (either the earlier 16″ blade or the later 10″ version (sometimes made by lopping off 6″ from an earlier pattern bayo.) For hand to hand combat, a Garand-log is hard to beat, especially with the bayo attached.

      If you want to go with a woody, consider the M-1 Carbine. About the same overall range performance of a plastic fantastic, but still old-school cool. A real nice truck gun, and the .30Carbine round is actually a really nicely performing round (as long as it contains the correct powder (a lot of the Korean problems in cold weather have been linked to the Army specifying the wrong powder to be used in the ammo because they had hordes of it available. The same issue would show up with the M-16 family – a really nice gun given a bad rep because the Army specified the wrong damned powder, again.) And it also is strong enough to play hand to hand and bayonet drills with, though not as goodly as a Garand.

      Or, well, yeah, screw old-school. The LEGO-15 multi-pass-tool-gun is just fun to shoot and play with. And here are scads of different loads just in .223/5.56, not to mention more accessories and mods than you can shake a stick at. I have yet to find anyone who wants to go hand-to-hand combat with an AR-15/M-4gery with or without a bayonet, but on the other hand, you can mount a shotgun pistol or an M203 underneath, which is totally cool but then you’re upping the mass/weight equation back into fully-loaded Garand territory.

      Whooo…I’m just a chatty-Cathy today, ain’t I?


  4. The whole idea behind the infringements on our natural right to arms is to make us criminals.
    Then it is much easier to come for us.
    It is to kill two birds with one stone.

    At some point those of us under this, genocide no less, are going to have to strap our guns over our shoulders and march right into the marxist den.

    There are a million excuses as to why one can not do that, or resistance is futile, or it will not change anything.

    Regardless, you will one day end up doing so, or fighting for your very life because you are deemed the enemy to be liquidated.

    You know this deep in your bones. I know it too.

    It is all about guns. Everything else is bullshit.

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    • What really steams me is that it pretty much says right in the wording on the ballot measure that this is a restriction of gun rights.
      Shall Not Be Infringed is plain motherfucking English yet the courts allow this bullshit to continue.
      That Commie AG we have is behind this 100% and should be impeached.

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      • Soros has been running what they called The States Attorneys Generals Project for almost 20 years far as I’ve discovered.
        The idea is the installation of SAG marxist’s in various States.
        The reason being it is a political position where inordinate trust is placed in those who hold the office beyond any other position but POTUS, where they are next to impossible politically and criminally to hold them accountable.
        In other words you can commit all sorts of crimes and treason under the radar.
        The AG of Connecticut is a prime example. He was the AG who created out of whole cloth the “assault weapon” registration “law”, which just about the whole state ignored, as they did in NY couple years later.

        Insurrection is the way. A color revolution of defiance and refusal to comply worked very well in both cases. One, because the cops recognized who had the real power and legitimacy and refused to enforce the un-enforcible, aka diktat. The other dynamic is the raw naked undeniable withdrawal of consent of those who refuse to comply.

        Its a numbers/odds game, who blinks first.
        What many must begin to become enlightened to is you and your fellow Washingtonian’s, same as all of us, have a unique power hardly recognized, it is the natural right, the lawful power to strap those guns over your shoulder and march into the den of your state government to put those who are trying to nullify your primal rights.
        There is nothing illegal except what they choose to create out of whole cloth in an act of refusal to comply.
        Keep those arms slung, they are for sending a non-violent statement of truth.
        It is almost impossible to convince others of this act, and believe me, the act is what counts, of its legitimacy. You need rock solid courage. You must refuse to comply with any “order” to stand down, give up your rifles, relinquish your property.
        There is always risk of some actor of the Gov who is trigger happy. But how is that any different from any other day? Different from the imposition of such dis-armament diktat or the outlawing of you as a human by fake defacto “laws”?
        It is the hard thing.
        If it is not possible to organize a hundred or more men who will take part, then how can one be legitimate?
        Remember when you defy and resist you put those and their diktat in the hot seat. They must create legitimacy where there is none. Its not about using your rifle as a lethal weapon, but a weapon of political legitimacy.
        Its the game afoot right now.
        Even though we asa dirt people are hard pressed to see it, one of the main motives right now of disarmament is those hoping to disarm us are facing the crisis of legitimacy, they are walking the tiny wire, one shove or tiny push and they fall, thus it is an imperative to disarm you and I, pronto, before they get caught out.
        Its easy, but incredibly complex.
        At some point one of us have to take the plunge. Believe me, many of us are ready when we see it. Its the first guys who break the mexican standoff who set it in motion.
        It will happen sooner than we may think. It will be like a tiny spark that becomes a grass roots fire.


  5. Ya know Phil, South Dakota has a lot of empty space and we don’t have to lock up our guns or wear seat belts while driving in the cities (City cops have better things to does then worry about us being safe). Yes, it does get cold here and it snows some… but a man of your talents and proclivities (Old Tools) could do well here and housing costs are fairly cheap compared to where you live. I am looking at an older 2 bedroom house w/basement and a detached 2 1/2 stall
    garage with a 32’X72’X18″ shop… on half an acre for $135,000 all in good condition.


  6. Al (above) has it right: 1-3 with full paper trail pedigrees to hand over When The Time Comes and an empty gun safe to prove it is the way to go.

    I predict a sudden increase in reports of tragic boating accidents (which will be singularly ineffective in the face of an invasion of bureaucrats with nothing else to do) and very well documented sales of existing possessions to random individuals will become the norm; if your name’s on the 4473 and you have a photo or photocopy of Algonquin J. Schmertz’s state ID and a signed Bill of Sale for the Blastomatic 5000 on the 4473 – and the empty “approved secure storage system” to confirm it when they wave the search warrant, you will achieved the Necessary Minimum First Line of Defense.

    The second line may be what Anon at 12:46 references.


  7. I believe your Ruger 10/22 is now an assault rifle according to the definitions in that bill… you may also need periodic (5yearly) training to continue to possess it….. depends on interpretation of the law.


    • Yes, the Ruger is now classified as an assault weapon. Fuck me these people around here are ignorant sonsabitches.
      The proof of periodic safety training is for the continued ability to purchase more guns.
      Except for the new age restrictions, the rest of this nightmare isn’t officially supposed to take effect until July of 2019.


  8. Ever hear of the English/Colonial “Writs of Attainder”?
    That is what these defacto writs of diktat they call “laws” are.

    On another level it is time to look at our rifles for something else they are. Property. The theft of others property in an inherent element in the marxian/neo-bolshivik ideology. And there is nothing on the Good Lords Earth that is more a piece of private property than a Freeman’s arms.

    Disarmament is also at the key to emasculation of a warrior class of Men.

    So here’s three reasons to be really fucking pissed off about this fucking banana republic bullshit.
    Well, actually 4 reasons. The sanctioning of the natural God given primal right to arms and their use. Aka The 2nd.

    At some point here you have to declare war back on these mealy mouthed pieces of human shit and what they are attempting.
    They have no power but what we all to a Man give them.
    I know personally thats a hard bridge to cross. But you got to do something, or something is gonna do you, then it may be too late.
    Its not cowardice or fear that stays our hands in this uniquely American pickle. It is the absence of fully, to a T, understanding our prudence, and tolerance, that we are as Freemen reluctant to draw our weapons and attack. The reason I believe, is once begun we are Men of The West, the Christian Greco/Roman West, and when we are pushed to waging righteous war, we have no mercy, we do not stop, we have no sympathy or give a shit about our enemy, we KILL everyone of them in our way, till none are left alive, we are ruthless as no other race of men, indomitable, with a fighting motive power that does not stop till it decides to stop.
    And way down in that savage part of our minds, it is a pandora’s box, a gordian knot no man in his right mind opens but for no other remedy or redress remains.
    The hiring of Trump The God Emperor was pretty close to those last resorts. There may be 2, or 4 more efforts at other forms of non violent lawful redress, then it’s Donkey Kong time.

    This state level bullshit is only more heinous because it is a nation wide effort dressed up as the “will” of the mob, which is dressed up as concerned NPC bitchez.
    Its insult to injury of our Manhood and primal right to wage war on the motherfuckin frauds.
    Passing this bullshit diktat is like pulling the pin.

    I’d say right now the best tactics is to declare a non-compliance grass roots campaign.
    Everyone reading this shout outs to others to refuse to comply as was done in NY & Conn. The fuckers ended up totally embarrassed, the cops of all parties of the state know to a man you don’t fuck with legitimate armed angry citizen’s, you leave them alone and ignore the fucking mandarin’s passing down such worthless diktat.
    See, something here you got to grok with a vengeance, is the illusion of legitimacy of the state now. It only exists at the pleasure of the consent granted it. The moment, the literal fucking nano second withdrawal of consent is activated, there is no legitimacy but those who withdraw their consent. Consent is in no uncertain terms THE most powerful weapon ever devised, Our rifles make it more so. And refusal to comply on that score, because it is our property first, and our arms second, increase that power we hold on an order of magnitude.
    What happened in NY & Conn, was the fuckers got called, all in, as its your bet, we just raised it to house limit, all in, now whatchugonnadu about it Bitchez? They folded. What where they gonna do, sitting in their ivory tower and the dirt people said come on down motherfuckers, come and take them!
    Johnny law aint gonna go near that with a ten mile pole. Maybe some useful sycophant makes a token arrest, and ends up looking just as idiotic. But you know for sure those pasty fat worthless shitheads who wrote and imposed this diktat aint gonna strap on guns and come knocking to take them guns from us bitter clingers.

    Understand how it works?
    This isn’t a one man’s problem, it is all our problems.
    Imagine the dirty stinking commies passing another “assault” weapons bill?
    We would laugh our ass’s off after the lesson’s learned since the Clinton Crime Syndicate tried to get our rifles.

    And by the way, you understand why they call our rifles “Assault Weapons”?
    They call them Assault Weapons because they are afraid of what we will do to them for what they are doing to us.
    Use our weapons to assault them. They always Project.

    You got to think like a sleazy coward fucking commie. They never get their hands bloody. They get everyone else to fight with each other, stand back and out of the Chaos they creat, a New Order is established. Its called divide and conquer. No self respecting diktators worth the name fail to employ these methods of imposing tyranny.


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